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Pujiang Innovation Forum -- Innovation and Development Summit of Carbon Fiber Composite Industry

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Co-hosted by Shanghai Jinshan Second Industrial Zone Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Carbon Fiber Composites Innovation Institute and Shanghai Center for Pujiang Innovation Forum, the Seminar on Application Technology of Carbon Fiber Composites & the Inauguration of the Engineering Center of Shanghai Carbon Fiber Composites Innovation Institute was successfully held in Jinshan District, Shanghai on June 24. It was the first meeting under the 3rd Innovation and Development Summit of Carbon Fiber Composite Industry. He Dongbin, Deputy Director of Jinshan District, attended the meeting and made a speech. Fang Hao, Director of Hi-Tech Department, STCSM, and Liu Xinyu, Director of Shanghai Jinshan District Science & Technology Commission, inaugurated the Engineering Center of the Institute. Sun Lijun, President of the Institute, chaired the Inauguration.



Deputy Director He Dongbin is making a speech


Director Fang Hao and Director Liu Xinyu are inaugurating the Engineering Center


President Sun Lijun is chairing the Inauguration 

The official inauguration of the Engineering Center of the Institute marked the initial results of the construction of the new R&D service platform jointly by the municipality and the district, and the platform has been able to promote innovation and R&D services in the carbon fiber composite industry.



During the meeting, Yang Qing, Deputy General Manager of the Institute gave an introduction to the construction of the Engineering Center. The Engineering Center is an entity under the Institute responsible of providing innovation and R&D services including material tests, process R&D and sample preparation. Through the implementation of the STCSM-supported Phase-I Project themed “Key Common Technology R&D and Innovation & Service Capability Development for Carbon Fiber Composites”, the Engineering Center has been well-equipped with complete sets of equipment and facilities, and the capability of testing mechanical properties and physical and chemical properties of composites, and providing services including process R&D, part trial-manufacturing and property testing for composites. The Center is now providing public services to the whole society and intends to better exert its functions as a platform to promote intensive and effective utilization of carbon fiber composites R&D resources, and drive the efficient development of the carbon fiber composite industry.



During the meeting, Wei Jianhua, Huang Xiangyu, Cao Amin, Tian Jie and Yu Tiecheng, members of Expert Committee of Shanghai Carbon Fiber Composites Innovation Institute, Ren Guoqiang, Chief Expert of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Yang Qing, Deputy General Manager of the Institute, held heated discussions on how to build a first-class public R&D service platform.




During the meeting, Shanghai Composites Technology Co., Ltd., Sino Polymer Co., Ltd., East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Aerobook Industries Co., Ltd., and Kuberd Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., made keynote speeches respectively on the development trends and demands of high-performance resin for aerospace, the R&D and application of the epoxy resin system for high-performance carbon fiber composites, the co-building and sharing of material databases and the digital application ecosystem, and the polysilazane resin and carbon fiber composites.

Leaders, experts and industry representatives are visiting the Engineering Center of the Institute before the meeting.

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The previous Innovation and Development Summit of Carbon Fiber Composite Industry successfully held in 2019 and 2020 have exercised great influence on the industry and society, and achieved important outcomes in technology innovation, project incubation, product implementation, service innovation and innovation ecosystem construction. Based on these important outcomes, the 3rd Innovation and Development Summit of Carbon Fiber Composite Industry in 2021 will take the form of series event to increase the matchmaking frequency among industrial chain enterprises, promote more in-depth technical exchanges, systematically facilitate and implement the achieved outcomes, expand more partnerships and market application directions of the industry and drive the commercialization of technological achievements and the implementation of enterprise incubation, so as to motivate the innovation and development of carbon-fiber composites in Shanghai, foster innovation in industry technologies and services, elevate the development level of the industry development, achieve the industrial development of higher quality and build an industrial agglomeration highland of carbon fiber composites.

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