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“Pujiang Innovation Forum2023 ——International Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank Forum” was held in Shanghai

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"Pujiang Innovation Forum 2023 – International Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank Forum" was held on June 30, 2023. The forum was hosted by Shanghai Institute for Science of Science (SISS), and was supported by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED).  

LIANG Yingda, Director of the Strategic Planning Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and SHANG Yuying, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Municipal Government, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Experts from first-rate science and technology innovation think tanks and AI practice frontiers at home and abroad delivered speeches and round-table discussions on the theme of "AI Reshaping Paradigm of Innovation ". More than 200 experts attended the meeting.  

ZHANG Xu, President of CASTED, General Chairman of the Forum, shared his thoughts on AI inspiring disruptive innovation breakthroughs. XU Feng, Executive Deputy Director of AI Development Research Center, explained that AI reshaping paradigm of innovation and opened up new horizons. Professor Etoh Minoru from Osaka University, Japan, shared his research on the potential of generative artificial intelligence (GPT) in redefining education and transforming corporate landscape. Darrell M. West, Vice president of Brookings Institution, brought us a whole video speech targeted on the opportunities and risks aroused by the accelerated development of emerging technologies, such as AI and VR requiring significant adjustments at the individual and societal levels to adapt to the new changes. ZHANG Yue, Tenured full professor at Westlake University, Kenny SHUI, Vice President of Our Hong Kong Foundation, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Distinguished professor, Shenzhen University, College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Big Data Institute, REN Feng, Co-CEO & CSO of Insilico Medicine (Shanghai), HUANG Bo, Partner and Vice General Manager of Great Wall Enterprise Institute, and CHEN Haipeng, Vice Director (Presiding) of SISS also exchanged their thoughts and practical explorations from different perspectives. 

The Solution to the Change: Insights from Global Science and Technology Think Tanks, which edited by ZHANG Conghui, Deputy director of SISS, was launched at the forum. The book is jointly written by experts and researchers from Fudan University, Tongji University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Management, and Lomonosov Moscow State University. LUO Dajin, Director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, ZHANG Xu, President of CASTED, and ZHANG Conghui, Deputy Director of SISS, officially released the book together.  

The Forum has been successfully held for 8 sessions. As a themed sub-forum of Pujiang Innovation Forum, it has been focusing on innovation development, and formed considerable social impact in the past few years. It also has become an exchange platform for top science, technology and innovation think tanks.







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