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Summer Conference Season | “Pujiang Innovation Forum Science and Technology Innovation Resource Big Data Seminar” Was Held in Shanghai Yesterday and on the Same Day, 2019 International Science and Technology Innovation Data Insights Was Released

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In response to the requirements of the overall arrangement of “New Vision and New Future of Science and Technology Innovation”, and in order to further deepen the influence of Pujiang Innovation Forum held in this May “Science and Technology Innovation Resource Big Data Seminar” was held in Shanghai yesterday as one of the extended events of the conference season. With the theme of “Data Driven Emerging Structure to S&T Innovation and Development”, the international seminar aimed to profoundly capture the historical trends of change and challenges in the global data-driven scientific research mode and jointly discuss the general development trends and path choice of data-driven science and technology innovation, which was very meaningful.


Wang Ruidan, Deputy Director of National Science & Technology Infrastructure Center, attended the Seminar and delivered a speech. As indicated by her, scientific data is the science and technology resources with the fastest transmission speed, the most extensive influence, and the greatest potential for development and utilization in the information age. They are of great importance to improve ability in science and technology innovation and drive economic and social development. The data-driven scientific research mode mainly characterized by relevance discovery provides great support for the cross integration of different subjects and research phases, and makes global cooperation for innovation increasingly close.


Liu Yan, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Working Commission, reviewed the progress and periodic results of the construction of Shanghai Science and Innovation Center in the recent 5 years in his speech. He also indicated: “As an important node for the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, Shanghai urgently needs to accelerate the promotion of scientific data management and open sharing. In combination with the  national strategic positioning and the major needs of economic and social development, Shanghai will take the initiative in exploring the development of scientific data management policies and regulations, coordination, planning and construction of scientific data center systems, scientific data talent team cultivation, and other fields, and propose feasible regulations that are practical to Shanghai and also accommodate to the national strategy and local economic and social development, and actively integrate into the global innovation network, so as to foster the value of scientific data, facilitate the open sharing of scientific data, and strive to play its due role in data-driven science and technology innovation in the new round of competition in science and technology innovation.”


This international seminar provided a platform for idea exchange and opinion debate, which attracted China's leading figures in artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing who showed up and spoke out freely. Chai Hongfeng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, held the opinion that open source software is an important foundation of fintech innovation; Zhou Tao, Professor of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, analyzed the four properties of big data and AI concerning ethical challenges; Huang Haiqing, President of China Information Development Inc., Ltd. Shanghai, shared the important value of big data in the post-IT era; Jian Lirong, Co-Founder and CEO of Beijing HashData Ltd., emphasized the advantages and irreplaceability of cloud data warehouse for big data; Liu Wanggen, Founder and R&D Director of Transwarp Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., provided detailed introduction to the essentials of building corporate science and technology infrastructure in digital age; Ma Hongxi, CTO of Shenzhen Cloud To Go Technology Co., Ltd., showed the new landscape of software development in the era of big data with two projects as examples; and Robert M. Nowak, Director of Artificial Intelligence Division, School of Computer Science, Warsaw University of Technology, talked about the special significance of feature engineering to big data.


Over 300 domestic and foreign experts, scholars and guests from technology and related industries gathered on site, to deeply explore into hot industry topics including “how cloud computing, AI and big data change the science and technology industry” around the theme of “Data Driven Emerging Structure to S&T Innovation and Development”, exchange views on the development of global science and technology innovation and the new trends in scientific data development, discuss ideas and technologies with the outlook on reform and development, and  pour out their wisdom for the data-driven emerging structure to S&T innovation and development.


It is worth mentioning that 2019 International Science and Technology Innovation Data Insights—Comparative Analysis Report on Global Hot Cities completed by Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Resources Center (SSTIR) in partnership with Elsevier’s analyzing service team was officially released at the Seminar today. Taking 20 important innovation cities around the globe as the examples, the Report  studies and designs the evaluation index system of urban science and technology innovation capacity, and analyzes and investigates the science and technology innovation competitiveness of the cities in an all-round way from five dimensions, namely, innovation elements, scientific research competitiveness, technical innovation competitiveness, knowledge commercialization competitiveness, and R&D investment, on the basis of the big data of each city’s science and technology resources including innovative talents, innovative enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research foundations, infrastructure, academic literature, technical patents, and R&D investment. Through comparative research, the report finds out the science and technology innovation advantages of Shanghai and their leading role in talent and investment, and it can thus help decision-makers better develop the competitiveness of Shanghai's science and technology innovation and formulate the strategies for Shanghai to develop into a science and technology innovation city.


Liu Jinyuan, Officer of SSTIR introduced: “science and technology innovation has become a key support for improving the comprehensive national strength and the strong driving force for the transformation and progress of the social production mode and the lifestyle. With detailed and abundant data presentation and data analyses, the report provides strong data support for the construction of Shanghai Science and Innovation Center. SSTIR will continue to fully focus on the elements of science and technology innovation resources including global ‘talents, institutions, devices, projects and funds’, integrate the big data of science and technology resources and services such as global science and technology talents, instruments and facilities, inspections and tests, science and technology literature, patents and achievements, and scientific data by technical means including big data cloud computing and Internet+, give play to the government’s dual advantages of coordination and market-oriented operation, and facilitate the rapid development of the science and technology R&D service industry.”


It is learned that in the future SSTIR will release a special report every year to promote the interconnection of scientific innovation data and truly serve science and technology with itself. Luo Dajin, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Yan Bo, Vice Governor of Xuhui District, Shanghai, Tan Ruicong, Vice Dean of Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology, and other leaders also attended the Seminar.


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