New Vision and New Future of Science and Technology Innovation

The next 10 to 15 years will be a critical period for the global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and also for various countries in the world to realize the conversion between old and new economic momentums driven by science and technology innovation. Under this historical background, what are the common opportunities and challenges for humans in the future? What is the vision of global scientific and technological innovation and development? What will be the disruptive technologies and black technologies that will lead the scientific and technological innovation and development of the world? What new industrial forms and hot spots will spring up in the future? What will be the new changes to the global innovative governance pattern? What new directions will the innovation policies of various countries take? … All those will be the important issues of common concern to governments, enterprises and scholars of many countries around the world. 2019 Pujiang Innovation Center will sincerely invite guests from all walks of life, to jointly portray the new prospect of the global scientific and technological innovation and development and provide more wisdom support for the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, improvement of China’s capability of independent innovation, and even the innovative development of the world.

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