Low Carbon: A New Mission for Global Innovation

Global climate change is a major challenge for the mankind in the 21st century. Humans need an economic and technological revolution centering on low-carbon revolution to further facilitate green development, and to undertake new missions and shoulder new responsibilities to shape a beautiful planet for future generations. Low-carbon revolution is an important leading force driving the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. The key to low-carbon revolution is to accelerate the construction of the new economic system and industrial structure, and to vigorously facilitate the development of low-carbon energy and low-carbon technologies, so as to realize the low-carbon and zero-carbon transformation of all socioeconomic activities. In line with the megatrends in human development, low-carbon revolution is committed to the path of greenness, low carbon, recirculation, as well as sustainability. It is important to the quality recovery of global economy in the post-pandemic era, the response to climate change, the facilitation of new-type urbanization, and the improvement of the environment. International communities should work together to facilitate low-carbon revolution and achieve the SDGs, jointly creating a clean and beautiful world.

China is making constant efforts to facilitate green and low-carbon development, develop a green, low-carbon and circular economy, and promote the comprehensive green transformation of the economy and society. China will strive to peak carbon emissions by 2030, and achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2060. This is predestined to be a magnificent revolution riding on the momentum, and a great cause of embracing the new development philosophies of innovation, collaboration, greenness, openness, and sharing, constructing a new development pattern, and facilitating high-quality development. For the low-carbon revolution, China will make great efforts and significant contributions as a responsible great power, strengthen international cooperation, and actively lead and facilitate the green recovery of global economy.

With “Low Carbon: A New Mission for Global Innovation” as the central theme, the Forum will have several focuses. First, low-carbon development supported by science and technology. It will discuss the development of new and renewable energy, and the development and transfer of low-carbon technologies. Second, the development of economic and technological systems based on a green, low-carbon and circular economy. It will discuss the new paths and new systems facilitating the in-depth integration of green and low-carbon industrial transformation, green finance, low-carbon industries and new-generation digital technologies. Third, deepening global low-carbon scientific and technological cooperation, and strengthening the cooperation on basic research, R&D of key technologies, commercialization of innovation achievements, etc.. It will also discuss deepening international cooperation on clean energy, disaster prevention and mitigation, ecological protection, climate-adapting agriculture, and low-carbon smart city, as well as other topics including the promotion and sharing of low-carbon technologies along the “Belt and Road”. The Forum will explore the direction of and path to low-carbon and innovation-driven development, depict a new blueprint, and contribute more wisdom.

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