Global Cooperation and Governance of Science and Technology Innovation

The current development of the world is facing an unprecedented major change, with the insufficiency of driving forces for economic growth and the grand challenge to economic globalization. Looking back in history, opening up and cooperation was an important impetus of strengthening the vitality of international economy and trade; keeping a foothold in today, opening up and cooperation is the realistic requirements of facilitating the stable recovery of world economy; seeing into the future, opening up and cooperation is the demand of the time to promote the continuous progress of human society. The growth of the world economy relies on the synergetic development of various countries, and it is required to let the elements of innovation flow and play a role worldwide, to promote the gestation and development of emerging industries, and create the new power driving the economic growth.

The wave of the new round of scientific and technological revolution as well as the industrial transformation has deepened the globalization trend of innovation, accelerating the reforms of global governance system and international orders. In face of the profound changes in global landscapes in economy, trade, and science and technology, to jointly build a better world, China is willing to work together with all countries, to actively promote opening up and cooperation, and realize joint development. We should grasp the opportunities brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, to jointly build the global innovation governance system, create the ecological environment facilitating the boom of new technologies, new industries, new business forms, and new patterns, and promote the development of innovation towards a more open, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction with greater shared benefits, letting people of all countries share the fruits of global innovation and world economic growth together.

This forum will discuss the means of strengthening opening up and cooperation under the new international situation to construct the global innovation governance system facilitating joint development around the important issue of open cooperation and innovation governance, focusing on how to play the role of science and technology innovation in guiding and supporting high-quality development, how to cope with the reforms of future industries such as AI, how to strengthen intellectual property protection, how to motivate and protect entrepreneurship, how to promote the construction of the “Belt and Road” Innovation Community, and other issues.

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