Innovation,for a Better Life of Mankind

The pursuit and yearning for a better life is an eternal theme in the long history of human society. The innovation history of mankind is actually the history of exploration and practice for a better life. Science and technology innovation plays an increasingly critical role in dealing with the common challenges faced by mankind and realizing sustainable development. Currently, science and technology is undergoing an explosive development, and the development of cutting-edge technologies such as quantum technology, brain science, material structure, universe evolution, and nature of consciousness have brought some previously unknown fields into human life, which will extremely influence our way of production and life, even the way of thinking. The rapid development of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, biotechnology and digital technology have not only given birth to new economy, new industries, new business types, and new models, but also induced severe challenges in ethics and governance. Meanwhile, global challenges including public health prevention and control, climate change and poverty reduction also require joint efforts of all nations around the world.

At present, development among different peoples, countries, and regions is quite imbalanced, which requires a wider coverage of science and technology innovation and humanism. Modern science and technology will allow more people to unlock their innovative thinking and benefit from innovation and growth, and will allow countries and regions to promote the joint progress of human beings. To build a beautiful homeland for all mankind, the wisdom and strengths from all parties shall be gathered and people from all over the world shall work hand in hand. We would like to join hands with all countries and their people and gather power from the community of shared future to unswervingly act as a constructor of peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender for international order. By doing so, we will build a peaceful and harmonious world and create a brighter future for mankind.

This Forum will focus on the theme of “Innovation, For a Better Life of Mankind” and discuss the following topics: how science and technology can better serve human life; how to strengthen international cooperation and establish governance rules in artificial intelligence, digital technology and other fields; how to enable innovation elements to flow and function worldwide under the new international situation, to promote the incubation and development of new emerging industries, and to form a new driving force for economic growth; how to take the opportunities brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the industrial transformation to jointly create public products for international science and technology cooperation around the major concerns of all countries and global challenges; how to work together to make innovation more open, inclusive, balanced and win-win so that people from all countries can share the fruits of global innovation and economic growth; and how to deepen “the Belt and Road” innovation cooperation in a “healthy, digital and green” way.

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