Global Innovation Network:Toward a Convergence of Interests

Today as globalization gathers momentum, a global innovation network takes shape. Major developed countries, at the high end of the network, obtain an overwhelming majority of the profits; emerging economies, with an endeavor to upgrade their technology innovation capability, are seeking more vantage points; while many developing countries, still at the lower end of the innovation, industrial and value chain, are in a very unfavorable position in the global innovation network. China, with its economy developing into a phase dubbed as the “new normal” where innovation is the main engine for growth, must find answers to the following major questions: how to pinpoint its position and optimize its industrial structure and layout in a global innovation network and industrial system? How to forge open innovative organizations and quickly enhance the enterprise’s innovation capability and international competitiveness? How to build regional innovation centers and create new economic growth poles in order to promote sustainable economic development? How to formulate open and inclusive policies so as to establish a sound innovation ecosystem? How to create an enabling environment for popular entrepreneurial and innovative attempts?How to attract more overseas Chinese to involve in innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors, fulfilling their dreams and contributing to China’s development? How to adopt an internet-based thinking pattern and forge an innovation culture in line with the needs of the internet age?

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