Collection of Global Practical Cases of Low-carbon Innovation

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China is continuously promoting green and low-carbon development with the intent of achieving “carbon peak” by 2030, and “carbon neutrality” by 2060. During this broad, profound and systematic transformation of the economy and the society, science and technology innovation is the key to achieve economic and social development paired with carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.


With the theme of “Low Carbon: A New Mission for Global Innovation”, 2022 Pujiang Innovation Forum seek to explore the directions and paths to low-carbon and innovation-driven development, and demonstrate the world’s united responsibility towards and wisdom in leading and promoting the green recovery of global economy.

Under this background, the Forum intends to identify low-carbon innovation cities / regions and collect cases of low-carbon technological achievements with exemplary commercialization, application, and promotion performance and great emission reduction potential from global scientific research institutions, universities and institutes, enterprises and so on in two dimensions: “Global Region of Low-carbon Innovation Practice”  and  “Advanced Technological Achievements in Global Low-carbon Innovation, so as to give full play to the demonstration and leading functions of outstanding cases to steer enterprises towards the adoption of advanced and suitable new low-carbon processes and technologies, facilitate the upgrading and transformation of industries to low-carbon ones, indicate a feasible path to achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, and initiate valuable discussions about the green development of global economy and society.


Global Practical Cases of Low-carbon Innovation Collection event will continue until April 10th

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