Stunning Highlight | Shaanxi Will Step onto the Stage of 2020 Pujiang Innovation Forum as the Province of Honor

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2020 Pujiang Innovation Forum themed “Global Cooperation and Governance of Science and Technology Innovation” will be held from October 22 to 30 in Shanghai, and Shaanxi, as a province rich in science and technology education resources and with significant achievements in the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategies and in the promotion of the independent innovation and development of high and new technology industries, has been invited to be the Province of Honor.


Currently, Shaanxi is comprehensively implementing the Spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Discourse on Science and Technology Innovation and the Spirit of the Major Speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping during His Visit to Shaanxi. It firmly grasps the major strategic opportunities including the “Belt and Road”, the new landscape formed due to the large-scale development of the western region in China promoted by the new era, and the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin, deeply implements the innovation-driven development strategies, follows the general guidelines of “focusing on the major, the cutting-edge and the basic projects”, plans the construction of an innovative province from a high level, deeply implements the major scientific and technological special projects, actively builds an upgraded “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, and constantly deepens the transformation of the science and technology systems and mechanisms. A vast number of scientific researchers are making the best use of time and overcoming obstacles without fear, striving to promote Shaanxi's innovation-driven development with the “pertinacious spirit” of Shaanxi people.


As the Province of Honor of the Forum, Shaanxi will focus on planning and organizing the “Policy Forum”, the “Regional & Urban Forum” and the “Belt and Road” Seminar, demonstrate the innovation achievements in the transfer and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements in recent years through the promotion of technological supply and demand products, and pour out wisdom for constructing an innovative country, promoting the coordinated development between regions, optimizing the allocation of resources, and creating new growth poles.


 [About Shaanxi]

In recent years, Shaanxi has been attaching great importance to science and technology innovation. Taking the opportunity of the construction of an innovative province, the pilot reform zone for all-round innovation of Xi’an, and the demonstration zone of independent innovation in high and new technologies in Xi’an, Shaanxi has proactively tried out policy initiatives, released several policy documents such as Regulations of Shaanxi on Promoting the Commercialization of Scientific and Technological Achievements and Policies for Innovation-driven High-quality Development in succession, put much effort into evoking the vitality and potential of science and technology innovation, and created a good innovation ecological environment. Currently, Shaanxi has a total of 1,340 scientific research institutes of various kinds, 109 colleges and universities, 126 national-level key disciplines, 605 platforms of various kinds at or above provincial level, 71 international platforms for cooperation in innovation, 43 discipline innovation and wisdom introduction bases for institutions of higher education, 67 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1.1 million scientific researchers in different domains, and 1.46 million college and university students. Shaanxi introduces more than 3,500 foreign talents and experts in different domains and dispatches over 600 professionals to foreign countries for training every year. A total of 41 foreign experts have been awarded the Chinese Government Friendship Award and 127 experts have been awarded the “Sanqin Friendship Award” by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province. The science and technology innovation index of Shaanxi increased from 65.66% in 2016 to 67.04% in 2019, ranking the ninth in China. The transaction amount of the technology export contracts of Shaanxi increased from CNY 80.274 billion in 2016 to CNY 146.783 billion in 2019, with an average annual growth rate of 22.27%, ranking the fifth in China. The R&D expenditure increased from CNY 41.956 billion in 2016 to CNY 58.46 billion in 2019, with an expenditure level of 2.27%, ranking the seventh in China and the first in central and western China.

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