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Pujiang Focus | Innovation Cooperation: Promote the Improvement of the "Dual Circulation" Development Pattern Centered on the Domestic Economy, and Aimed at Integrating the Domestic and Global Economies in the Field of Scientific Research and Innovation

Cooperation innovation has become a new organizational form of technological innovation adopted by many countries. It is an irresistible trend to innovate cooperation models and expand cooperation fields in the context of complementarity.


In the context of profound and complex changes in the external environment, the continued downturn of the world economy, the shrinking global market, and the rise of protectionism, international economic connectivity and intercourse remain an objective requirement for the world economy development. China's efforts to promote the "Dual Circulation" development pattern and accelerate the formation of the new development pattern with the big domestic circulation at the main position and the mutual promotion of the “dual circulation" is a major domestic strategic adjustment and also an objective demand for global cooperation in economic, and science and technology.


This year, the Pujiang Innovation Forum will focus on innovation cooperation, to hold the "Belt and Road" Seminar, the International Symposium for Leading Research Institutions, the Regional & Urban Forum and other special sub-forums, which will have multiple brainstorms around the international and regional cooperation in scientific research and innovation.


The “Belt and Road” Seminar”: Mutual Trust is the Prerequisite for Building an Innovation Community


Mutual trust is the basic prerequisite for cooperation, and interaction is the only way to cooperation. Focusing on the construction of the "Innovation Journey" and building an innovation community requires full mutual trust and strong support of the countries along “the Belt and Road” in terms of science and technology innovation.


In recent years, under the call of the Chinese Government, the countries along “the Belt and Road” have jointly promoted the opening of science and technology, extensively gathered resources of innovative elements, and jointly shared the innovation achievements by various means including strengthening the talent exchanges, expanding the opening of national science and technology plans and projects, and jointly building “the Belt and Road” science and technology parks and technology transfer platforms, to continuously enhance the mutual trust in innovation.


The "Belt and Road" Seminar with the theme of "Mutual Trust and Interaction in Science and Technology Innovation" will be held on October 23. Experts from several countries, including Serbia, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan and Israel, will share their experience in innovation cooperation with Chinese audience in the form of online connections.


The Launching Ceremony of the Belt and Road Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank Network will also be held at the seminar.


International Symposium for Leading Research Institutions: The "Carnival" of Photonics Research Institutes


How can leading international research institutes better develop strategic plans to facilitate their sustainable development? How to better conduct the industry-university-research cooperation to facilitate the transfer and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements? How to better promote interdisciplinary development to support facility users for significant achievements?


With the theme of "Innovation and Development of Photonics Research Institutes", the International Symposium for Leading Research Institutes will be held on October 23. The heads of globally influential research institutes such as Zhangjiang Laboratory, Peng Cheng Laboratory, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, RIKEN SPring-8 Center (RSC) and Diamond Light Source will attend this seminar, to have discussions focusing on the promotion of the collaborative innovation development of global photonics research institutes, the promotion of industry-university-research cooperation and other topics, to facilitate the construction of the international innovation network, and build a professional dialogue among the world's leading academic research institutions.


The Regional & Urban Forum: Improving the Mechanism for Open Cooperation is urgently needed for Development of Urban Agglomerations


As the world now has entered into an era of open innovation characterized by the global flow of innovation elements, urban agglomerations have become the concentration areas of high-level production factors worldwide. Some urban agglomerations with excellent geographical locations, sound industrial development and superior innovation environment are constantly pooling innovation resources and have become science and technology innovation centers with global influence, radiating and leading the development of extensive areas, and even globally.


The Regional & Urban Forum with the theme of "Making Joint Efforts to Create an Innovative Urban Agglomeration through Wisdom, Collaboration, and Sharing" will be held on October 23. This special sub-forum will highlight the innovation cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta and the innovation interconnection with Shaanxi Province, and have in-depth discussion focusing on the effectiveness, problems and difficulties of the collaborative innovation in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao urban agglomerations, how to further integrate the innovation resources to promote the collaborative innovation in these urban agglomerations, optimize the innovation pattern, and promote the formation of innovative urban agglomerations, and how to closely integrate regional innovation with the implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.


Pujiang Focus | How to Grasp the Trend of Innovation in the Multi-field, Multi-disciplinary and All-round Innovation Era?


The innovation and revolution of science and technology in the 21st century are quite different from those of previous centuries.


Today's scientific and technological revolution is no longer marked by a major breakthrough of science and technology and represented by the rise of a certain field in the traditional sense, but is characterized by the comprehensive and continuous system innovation in many disciplines and fields. The multi-field, multi-disciplinary, and all-round innovation of science and technology is surging, and forging valiantly ahead; major discoveries and inventions as well as major scientific and technological achievements have sprung up one after another; waves of innovation of all kinds are rising and falling, and running mountains high with the front waves pushing the back; the grading and replacement of new technologies and new products are accelerating, bringing changes with each passing day for people's working society...


With great waves sweeping away sand, only by grasping the trend of innovation can we grasp the opportunities of development in the era.


The 2020 Pujiang Innovation Forum will focus on innovation trends, to hold a number of special sub-forums, covering various fields such as climate change, quantum science, advanced materials, and digital economy. Welcome to Pujiang Innovation Forum to feel the pulse of the times.


The Future Science Forum: Focusing on Climate Change and Quantum Computing


As the Paris Agreement has been formulated for nearly five years, can we realize the goal of "controlling the global temperature rise to within 1.5above the level of pre-industrial period”? What will happen to the global warming in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic? What technologies and methods can be used to mitigate climate change?...Focusing on “Innovation, Co-governance and Collaboration in Climate Change Research”, the Future Science Forum, organized by Nature Research as the first online sub-forum of the conference season, will gather scientists from various countries to have discussions and exchanges on the topic that is closely related to human destiny and propose positive solutions.


Organized by Fudan University, the Future Science Forum themed “Developments of Novel Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing” will bring together the leading scientists in the field of quantum materials and quantum information to discuss the frontier results in quantum devices and quantum computing. This sub-forum will focus on exchange new ideas to provide the revolutionary concepts and applications, and aim at the future development of quantum information technology in our country.


The Emerging Technology Forum: Focusing on Frontier Fields such as Digital Economy


The Emerging Technology Forums will hold discussions around “New Opportunities for IoT Development and New Drivers for the Digital Economy”, “The Fourth Paradigm for Science in the Cloud Era”,[远誉1]  “Mathematics and Industrial Innovations”, and the “Innovation and Development of Carbon Fiber Composite Industry” respectively.


On October 29, the Emerging Technology Forum with the theme of "New Opportunities for IoT Development and New Drivers for the Digital Economy" will be held in Zhangjiang, gathering representatives of outstanding enterprises and scientific research institutions from the industry and academia to focus on the emerging IT technologies in the fields of information and network, as well as the new business forms, new applications, and new services brought about by these technologies, to improve the deep integration of the industrial Internet and the real economy, and promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the social economy.


On October 29, the Emerging Technology Forum with the theme of "The Fourth Paradigm for Science in the Cloud Era" will discuss how to promote the sharing and exchange of scientific information via cloud computing to promote the development of innovation capability and creativity, and improve the efficiency of scientific research.


In addition, the Green Technology Bank Summit Forum will be held on October 29, with the theme of "Innovation-driven Green Development: Accelerating the Construction of a Market-Oriented Green Technology Innovation System". It will have three special sub-forums on Regional Cooperation of Green Technology Bank, Best Green Technology Practices in the Yangtze River Delta Region, and A Green, Healthy and Smart North Bund, to discuss green technology and its development trends together.


Co-organized by the People’s Government of Fengxian District, Shanghai Municipality, Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) and Shanghai Center of Biomedicine Development, and supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the 1st Global Health and Development Summit will be held at the Nine Trees Future Art Center on October 23, with a focus on the R&D of vaccines and therapeutic antibodies, to promote the multi-party cooperation involving the government, enterprises and social organizations, and facilitate the deep integration of the government, research institutions, hospitals and enterprises to get through the development path from original discovery to the advent of innovative vaccines and antibody drugs, shorten the time required for development of the vaccine for an emerging epidemic disease, and establish the long-term mechanism to promote the development and well-being of all mankind.


Pujiang Focus | Focusing on Innovation Vitality, and Making it a Stage for Young Talents


In the arena of scientific research, the strength of a country in science and technology is largely determined by its young scientific researchers. The more capable young scientific researchers are, the more powerful strength China will have in the field of science and technology; in the arena of entrepreneurship, young entrepreneurs are usually full of passion and unconstrained ideas, and more creative as well.


Pujiang Innovation Forum this year will focus on innovation vitality to build a stage for young talents. It will hold the Young Elite Scientist Summit (YES SUMMIT), the Entrepreneurs Forum, the Policy Forum and the Science and Technology Finance Forum, to explore the challenges and opportunities encountered by young people in the process of science and technology innovation from multiple perspectives such as scientific research, entrepreneurship, policy and finance.


Young Elite Scientist Summit (YES SUMMIT): New Voices of Young Scholars


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists can’t get into their labs right now to do their research. Data is being lost as well as a large amount of money. Facing the global public health challenges, what can researchers do? Has the pandemic changed the outlook for young researchers?


On October 27, Pujiang Innovation Forum will organize the 2020 Young Elite Scientist Summit (YES SUMMIT) jointly with Science, inviting representatives of winners of the rewards established by Science and young domestic scientists to have a series of discussions on the status of future scientific research, including: What changes will we see in laboratory-based scientific research as a result of the pandemic? How will a pandemic affect the research focus? Which fields will become the research focus in the next 20 years?


The Entrepreneur Forum: Exploring the "Innovation Acceleration" in the Yangtze River Delta with a TED talk


On October 28, under the theme of “Mutual Integration Co-Creation, Technology Boosts The Integrated Development of The Yangtze River Delta”, this year’s Entrepreneurs Forum will explore the driving force of science and technology innovation in driving integration of the Yangtze River Delta to take the lead in high-quality development, and discuss the endogenous law of innovation and entrepreneurship around the three dimensions of society, economy and development.


The sub-forum will invite representatives of financial institutions and outstanding startups to share their thoughts on the venture capital environment and prospects in the Yangtze River Delta and the entrepreneurial environment under interaction and interconnection in Yangtze River Delta region, and conduct in-depth discussions on the perspectives of all parties.


It is said that in the sub-forum this year, the "Shanghai Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship Trend Study Report (2016-2019)" will be released, and the Awarding Ceremony of 2020 Startup in Shanghai will be held.


Policy Innovation + Science and Technology Finance, Make Innovation More Efficient


Currently, the world economy and global economic governance system has entered the phase of adjustment, characterized by the surging trend of deglobalization and protectionism. However, the national innovation systems of each country are more interconnected than that at any time in history. Governments are building up a global innovation chain to facilitate innovation cooperation through strategic planning, factor flow, policy supply, and interactions between main bodies of innovation, etc.


Against this background, it has become a common concern to discuss policy innovation and develop new policy tools to enhance the efficiency and interactions of global innovation.


The Policy Forum with the theme of “Policy Principles and Tools to Promote Innovation Cooperation” will be held on October 23, which will discuss the following topics: how to make China’s science and technology more internationalized and provide the world with more high-quality public goods; how to effectively promote coordination and cooperation between governments and public health departments, medical care institutions, scientific research institutions, enterprises, supporting institutions, international organizations and the general public, to fight against major public health emergencies such as COVID-19 pandemic; how to truly realize the connection and integration between science and technology innovation policies and economic policies, industrial policies and educational policies.


In addition to policy incentives, the science and technology innovation and development also requires financial support.


The Science & Technology Finance Forum of 2020 Pujiang Innovation Forum will be held on October 29. With the participation of guests including scholars from financial institutions, colleges and universities and research institutes, and governmental agencies, the sub-forum will draw on the wisdoms and opinions of experts from a professional perspective to jointly interpret the sustainable growth brought about by technology and finance in the new era of technology


During this sub-forum, the much-concerned Annual Report on the Eco-system of Science and Technology Finance in China 2020 will be released.

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