Seeking Insights into the Future Trends and the Road to Innovation at Pujiang Innovation Forum

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Every technological change will bring about a productivity revolution, which in turn will trigger a great revolution in the entire society. The one who can take the lead in seizing the opportunity of technological reformation will become the trendsetter of the future. Pujiang Innovation Forum will closely follow the pulse of the times, join hands with global innovation forces, and focus on future science, to continuously promote the development and progress of science and technology innovation in China and the world.


The COVID-19 epidemic has brought the social focus to health prevention and medical technology issues. At the Pujiang Innovation Forum•The Future Science Forum in the past two years, many experts have predicted the future trends in the field of life sciences and general health, and had deep insights into the only way for the development of this industry.


Grasp the development opportunity of "AI+ Healthcare" and lead the reform of healthcare. At 2019 Pujiang Innovation ForumThe Future Science Forum 3, under the theme of "AI+ Medical: Empowering a Healthy Community", well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad predicted that the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy would bring about tremendous changes to the healthcare field. The guests held the following opinions. First, medical care is the main battlefield for future AI development. As believed by Wang Yanfeng, Deputy Dean of the Artificial Intelligence Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, artificial intelligence has penetrated into different medical links such as image analysis, intelligent diagnose through interrogation, and health monitoring, and that a series of technologies such as machine active learning and human-computer interaction have been deeply applied in the medical field. Second, the patient-centered smart hospital is the direction of the future development. According to Zheng Yefeng, R&D Director of Medical AI, YouTu Tencent, there are a limited number of doctors in China, while Internet hospitals or online diagnosis and treatment can reduce the time needed to see a doctor. At the same time, the guests presented their own insights into the opportunities and challenges facing "AI+ Healthcare". According to Zhang Shaoting, Vice President of SenseTime Group, in addition to assisting in diagnosis, AI will play a greater role in clinical treatment in the future, such as using advanced algorithms to assist doctors in surgical planning, consumables application, and radiotherapy planning.


Applied research on microbiota opens up new paths for life sciences. At 2019 Pujiang Innovation Forum•The Future Science Forum 1, experts in the field of biology focused on the "ubiquitous microbiota" to study the future trend of microbiota application and research and development. The guests held the following specific views. First, basic research should be carried out to clarify the complexity of high-dimensional systems. According to Geng Meiyu, Academic Director of the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the microbiota is the cornerstone of human health and one of the root causes of diseases. Second, applied research should also be carried out to develop preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic products. As stated by Laurence Zitvogel, Scientific Director of Immuno-Oncology Gustave Roussy, Director of the U1015 Laboratory of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), and Professor at University of Paris Saclay, the microbiota is an excellent monitor of the immune system and an adjuvant therapy for cancer. It is expected to be developed into adjuvant anti-cancer drug and new immunotherapy. Third, standards shall be established to ensure research quality control.


Human phenome research will revolutionize the contemporary biomedicine. At 2018 Pujiang Innovation Forum•The Future Science Forum 2, the participating experts agreed that human phenome research will be expected to improve the treatment level of a series of major chronic diseases of aging such as tumors, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and obesity. Therefore, it represents another strategic commanding height after the Human Genome Project. On the one hand, the existing medical system is difficult to cope with the new challenges facing current medicine. According to Leroy Hood, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder of Institute for Systems Biology, the medicine of the 20th century focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases, while future medicine will be system-driven, and will study the entire transition from health to disease as a whole. This new medical model is highly dependent on the development of the deep phenotype, and the future medical revolution will depend on the current focus on the human phenotype field. On the other hand, phenotypic research can address a variety of medical needs and provide precise treatment options. In the opinion of Jeremy Nicholson, Academician of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, Executive Director of the Australian National Phenome Center, phenotypic research can not only explain the prevalence of some diseases in the public, but also provide personalized precision medicine for everyone. For example, diabetes can be divided into more than ten subtypes, and phenome analysis can identify specific disease types and provide targeted therapeutic regimen, changing the previous model of trial-and-error treatment.


Complex networks will reshape human's perception of the world. At 2018 Pujiang Innovation Forum·The Future Science Forum 1, for this interdisciplinary subject spanning mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, sociology and engineering, the guests simplified the complexity and analyzed the laws and development trends for us. First of all, there are three core developments in complex networks. The first is the ability to screen out the key nodes in information communication. The second is the ability to identify turning points in the spread of infectious diseases. As believed by Vittoria Colizza, Director of Research, EPIcx Laboratory, French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, through analog computation, turning points can be found in the spread of infectious diseases. In the infection stage, the spread of infectious diseases can be controlled by restricting travelers; and in the invasion stage, the airport and its surrounding areas can be divided into grids to construct a prediction model, so that the disease can be contained by controlling the traffic grids. The third is the ability to deduce the individual's activity trajectory. This makes complex networks widely used in various fields. For example, in the field of social management, Sune Lehmann held the opinion that the trajectory of individuals is mapped through social space so as to predict their future behavior. In the field of public health, Vittoria Colizza held the opinion that the connection of medical staffs was the main cause of disease transmission in hospitals. This provides a scientific basis for hospital managers to arrange nurses' work reasonably.


Innovation brings faster development and change for the future. Pujiang Innovation Forum looks into future trends and creates a creative "circle of friends". As one of the most distinctive thematic forums, the Future Science Forum always focuses on the broader, the more cutting-edge and the more far-reaching fields of social and human development. Over the years, the Future Science Forum, jointly established with partners such as Springer Nature, Fudan University, Jiao Tong University, has talked about many frontier disciplines such as health, energy, materials, integrated circuits, and has become an important beacon of foreseeable science and technology innovation. At the same time, youth is also the contributor of the future. Since 2018, the YES Summit has also gathered young scientists and innovation and entrepreneurial pioneers each year to talk about N possibilities of the future. We firmly believe that science and technology will eventually redefine the future.

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