Agenda—October 29

The Science & Technology Finance Forum - Technology, Finance and Sustainable Development





The   Science & Technology Finance Forum

Technology, Finance and   Sustainable Development


Shanghai Exhibition Center

Theme Interpretation

Science   and technology has not only promoted the development of productivity, but   also brought about changes in production relations. In addition to the   upgrading and reconstruction of financial industry chain, and the creation of   new industry opportunities, technological advance can also help the financial   industry to use new technological means to serve a wider range of users at a   lower cost and in a more efficient and fair way, realizing the synergy   between short- and long-term benefits, and promoting the accomplishment of   sustainable economic growth goals.

The   Science & Technology Finance Forum of 2020 Pujiang Innovation Forum will   draw on the wisdoms and opinions of experts from a professional perspective   to jointly interpret the sustainable growth brought about by technology and   finance in the new era of technology


HUANG   Wei, TV Presenter of YICAI


Welcome   Address


Beate Trankmann, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in China



Release of The Annual Report on the Eco-system   of Science and Technology Finance in China 2020


Keynote Speech

XIAO   Feng, Vice Chairman of China Wanxiang   Shareholding Co., Ltd.

LIAN   Ping, Chairman of   China Chief Economist Forum

WANG Sunan, President of Shanghai   Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank


Panel Discussion

Chair:   LIN Chunjie, vice president of YICAI Research Institute

XU Qing, UNDP   Sustainable Development Team, SDG Financing Specialist

Leader from Financial Office of Jingan, Shanghai

SUN Rui, Senior Advisor of Paulson   Institute and Executive Director of Green Finance Center