Business Cooperation

Business Cooperation

The Pujiang Innovation Forum, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, was founded in 2008. Academician Xu Guanhua, also former Minister of MOST, is the Forum Chairman. Orbiting around the theme of innovation and linking closely to the pulse of times, the forum is committed to connecting with the innovation forces across the world, focusing on innovation-driven strategies, paying attention to the innovation system construction, grasping industrial changes and planning and promoting innovation through global vision, to become a platform for release of important signals, for guidance on key topics, and for source of critical statements in the field of global science and technology innovation.


In the future 10 to 15 years, what is the vision for the development of global science and technology innovation? What new scientific discoveries, new technological breakthroughs and new industrial forms will spring up in the future? What new directions will the innovation policies of various countries take? These are the new issues for the new age requiring us to discuss together. The 12th Pujiang Innovation Forum, with the theme of “New Vision and New Future of Science and Technology Innovation”, will be held in Shanghai on May 24 and 26 of 2019, which will sincerely invite guests from all walks of life to draw on the wisdom of people and reach more consensuses, and jointly portray the new prospect of the development of global science and technology innovation in the future, so as to accelerate the construction of Shanghai into a science and technology innovation center with global influence, help improve China’s capability of self-dependent innovation, and contribute wisdom for the innovative development of the world. The Secretariat of the Forum expects the participation of enterprises with innovative thoughts and forward-looking vision to pursue for innovative development together, and thus further realize brand interconnection and value enhancement.


A. Promote innovative concepts and improve enterprise images

As the second-to-none high-level “innovation”-themed international forum in China, Pujiang Innovation Forum can work together with the participating brand enterprises to communicate innovative concepts in a more influential way, to effectively realize brand promotion, improve enterprise images, and jointly provide support for the industrial transformation and upgrading in China.


B. Accelerate S&T resource sharing and realize business cooperation value

With the best trans-boundary and cross-culture commercial platforms, quite attractive topics, abundant business opportunities for enterprises and great social attention, Pujiang Innovation Center brings senior government officials, enterprise tycoons, noted public figures, as well as experts and scholars together, offering excellent policy resources, academic resources and project resources. We hope that the participating brand enterprises can take full advantage of the scientific and technological resources of the forum to expand foreign cooperation and realize cooperation value.


C. Comprehensively do a good job of communication of the forum based on its own advantages

In 2019 Pujiang Innovation Forum, more than 100 political elites, business tycoons and academic leaders will gather in Shanghai, sharing and exchange ideas with over four thousand participants. The grand event site will act as a platform for comprehensive communication for the cooperative enterprises. Enterprises can make the utmost use of the forum’s own resources, to do better in communicating and realize higher value.


We look forward to meeting with you in Pujiang Innovation Forum.


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Secretariat of Pujiang Innovation Forum


January, 2019