Agenda—October 28

Opening Ceremony of INNO-MATCH EXPO





Open Ceremony   of INNO-MATCH EXPO

Shanghai Exhibition Center


The   First World Tech-transfer Manager Summit

OrganizerNational   Eastern Tech-Transfer Center

Shanghai Exhibition Center

Theme   Interpretation

Transformation of S&T achievements   marks the “last mile” of the industrialization and commercialization of   S&T achievements where technology-transfer professionals play a vital   role in this process. In recent years, all parts of the country have been   launching tech-transfer related policies, with a focus on optimizing the   cultivation of tech-transfer talents. Commercialization of S&T   achievements has become one of the important measures to build China a major   S&T power.

Under the background of the new era, the   first World Tech-transfer Manager Summit will be held to discuss the hot   topics among technology managers and tech-transfer industry, focusing on the   development achievements and future trends of Chinese technology managers,   aiming to provide technology mangers with a broader platform for communication   and display. Domestic and foreign technology managers and experts as well as   tech-transfer service institutions will gather together to have an in-depth   discussion on the development status, bottlenecks and solutions to jointly   promote industrial upgrading and draw the blueprint in the collision of   wisdoms and ideas.


Welcome Address




Andy Sierakowski, Co-chairman of International Technology   Transfer Network


Panel   Discussion

Theme: How to Guide Domestic   Science-and-technology Enterprises to Enter    Chinese Market

Dr. Felix Moesner, Science Consul &   CEO, swissnex China, Science Consulate of Switzerland in China

Martin Rune Hoxer, Executive Director of Innovation Centre,   The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Denmark in Shanghai

Taake Manning, Counselor for Scientific and   Technological Affairs, Royal Netherlands Embassy

Bart Boschmans, Chief Representative, Flanders Region,   The Kingdom of Belgium

Dane Richmond, Commercial Counselor,   Commercial Enquiries, Australian Consulate General Shanghai

Li Dan, Commercial Consul, Commercial Section,   Australian Consulate General in Shanghai

Bu Diwen, Consul of Science and Technology Innovation,   British Consulate General in Shanghai




Gil Granot-Mayer, Former CEO, Yeda Institute


Panel   Discussion

Theme: Open Innovation in Large   Enterprises

SHEN Yun, Assistant to President and Joint Chief   Growth Officer (CGO), Fosun

HU Yi, General Manager, Wesocool, Baowu

YU Guangyi, Director of Global   Resources Operations, Haier HOPE Innovation Platform

Ma Xi, Head of Access   Innovation, Roche Pharmaceuticals

Zhu Jinghua, CEO of Publicis Media   China

LERBOURG   Claude-Sebastien, Saint-Gobain Foreign Investment Manager-Asia


Russ Shaw, London Tech Ambassador and Chairman of   Global Tech Advocates


The first World Summit of technical managersChina Special


Welcomed Address


Keynote   Speech

CHEN Baiqiang, Deputy Director, Technology Transfer Center, Beijing Institute   of Technology (BIT)

ZHOU   Jian, Vice President of Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University

YU Xiaojing, Director of Shanghai Xuhui Ceyuan Health Intelligent Technology   Achievement Transformation Development Center

GUO Shugui, President of China   Technology Exchange

Representatives   of organizations

WANG Wen,National technology transfer center of Xi'an Jiaotong University Chairman


Panel   Discussion