Agenda—October 23

The Regional & Urban Forum - Making Joint Efforts to Create an Innovative Urban Agglomeration through Wisdom, Collaboration, and Sharing





The   Regional & Urban Forum

Making Joint Efforts to Create an Innovative Urban   Agglomeration through Wisdom, Collaboration, and Sharing

Organizer:   Tongji University

 Guest Hall, 1F, Convention Center

Theme Interpretation

As the   world now has entered into an era of open innovation characterized by the   global flow of innovation elements, urban agglomerations have become the   concentration areas of high-level production factors worldwide. Some urban   agglomerations with excellent geographical locations, sound industrial   development and superior innovation environment are constantly pooling   innovation resources and have become science and technology innovation   centers with global influence, radiating and leading the development of   extensive areas, and even globally. In recent years, the urban agglomerations   in China such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao   Greater Bay Area and the Yangtze River Delta Region have been developing   rapidly. With the rapid improvement of their strengths, the constant   optimization of their structures, and the growing closeness in regional   cooperation, it is particularly urgent to explore the mechanism of   collaborative innovation and open cooperation in urban agglomerations.

In this   sub-forum with a focus on taking solid steps to promote higher-quality   integrative development of the Yangtze River Delta region, we will discuss   the means of further integrating innovation resources, facilitating   collaborative innovation and optimizing innovation pattern so as to promote   the formation of an innovative urban agglomeration, and the implementation of   regional innovation and the “Belt and Road” Initiative.


HUO   Jiazhen, Professor, Executive Associate Dean of   the Chinese Institute of Science and Technology Management, Tongji University

  Keynote Speech

RUAN Qing, Deputy   Director of Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission; Deputy   Director of Yangtze River Delta Regional Cooperation Office; Dean of Shanghai   Academy of Development Reform

WU   Zhiqiang, Professor and Vice President of Tongji University;   Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Member of German Academy of Science   and Engineering (acatech); Member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering   Science; Honorary Fellow of American Institute of Architects (Hon. FAIA)

Michele   Geraci, former Undersecretary of State at the   Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Senior Economist

MA Xianping, Deputy Mayor of Xi’an City

DONG   Baotong, Director-General of Science &   Technology Department of Yunnan Province

Bruno   Lanvin, Executive Director of INSEAD Global   Indices

Marco   Kamiya, Senior Economist, Inter-regional adviser,   Knowledge & Innovation Branch, UN-HABITAT


Panel Discussion