Agenda—May 26 (Sunday)

The Policy Forum - International Synergy of Innovation Policies


The Policy Forum

International Collaboration of Innovation Policies

Organizer: China Academy of Science and Technology for Development

Zijin Hall, 1F, Convention Center



The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is reshaping the global innovation landscape, and innovation factors are becoming critical resources that countries are competing for. In the current world, populism, unilateralism and protectionism are surging and challenging existing international regulations. Consequently, the international environment for the implementation of innovation policies is undergoing profound changes. Innovation is a significant source of global economic growth, as well as the primary driving force of development. For most countries, innovation requires an open environment, and win-win cooperation is a necessity for innovative development, which attaches great   importance to the international collaboration of innovation policies. Under   such circumstance, China raises a development idea that promotes deep participation in global science and technology innovation governance, and cooperation with all other countries towards the goal of a community of shared future for mankind.
    Based on the realization of innovation-driven development, the Policy Forum will discuss topics concerning the promotion of innovation from a global perspective, and pay close attention to the major issues on how national innovation policies work with existing international regulations. Against the background of both the anti-globalization and momentum transformation of the world economic development, the forum will focus on topics such as technology transfer, intellectual property protection and cross-border data flow.


WANG Yuan, Professor, chairman of Science and Technology Financial Promotion Association of ChinaFormer President of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development


HE Defang, Director-General of the Department of Policies, Regulation and Supervision of Ministry of Science and Technology


Kelvin KEE, Director, International Engagement Department, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore


HU Zhijian, President of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development


Alexander   Gerybadze, Professor, Director of International Management and Innovation Center, University of Hohenheim, Germany.




GAO Jianfeng, President of Research Institute of   Science and Technology Innovation Strategy, Hebei Province, PR. China


Adriano   Proenca, Scientific advisor of the Institute for Brazil-China Studies (IBRACH)


Panel Discussion

Galit Tasi, Head of Research and Analytics, Tel Aviv Global of Israel