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@Young Scientists, Pujiang Innovation Forum Has Initiated a Collection Event Themed “Seeking the Voice of Youth”

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The youth

Are the pioneers of science and technology innovation

The explorers pioneering the new era

And the main force in building the future

The world

Needs to listen to the voice of youth, and cohere the power of youth

Are you, who have the spirit of science and passion for innovation

Desire to spark new ideas through communication?

or to show “the style of youth” in your field?

The collection event themed “Seeking the Voice of Youth” is here for you

to demonstrate your talent and make your voice heard!


In order to further fill the pool of young talents and find young pioneers, the Pujiang Innovation Forum co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has initiated the collection event themed “Seeking the Voice of Youth”. Focusing on the interpretations on the theme of the Forum and the topics of the sub-forums, the event is extensively collecting new ideas and perspectives from the youth, and will form an expert panel of judges to select a batch of insightful, innovative and influential perspectives. We are always ready to know the views of youth, values of youth, and visions of youth. One can never go far without faith in the heart!

Duration: From now to April 15, 2021

Targets: Young scholars, young scientists and young entrepreneurs at or under 40

Contents to collect: 

1. Views of Youth

Refined views (in 200-500 words) based on each Forum theme and each sub-forum topic released (Refer to collection directions) are to be collected.

2. Values of Youth

Explanations of each Forum theme and each sub-forum topic released in papers (in 2,000-5,000 words) (Refer to collection directions) are to be collected.

3. Visions of Youth

Suggestions on the future topics of the Forum, with “science and technology innovation” as the key word, are to be collected.

Collection directions:

Future science, emerging technologies and industrial development, global health and development, innovation policies, regional (urban) innovation, innovation cooperation along the “Belt and Road”, entrepreneurs, fintech, technology transfer and commercialization, and others (Refer to the appendix at the bottom of the page for the details of collection directions).


Media reports, result releases, speech seats of sub-forums, observer seats of the Forum, project demonstration and incubation services, recommendations for the application of talent support programs or contests, etc.are to be provided.

Submission method:

Visit the official site of Pujiang Innovation Forum (, and click the collection entrance of “Seeking the Voice of Youth” for submission.


*All contributions and voices must be original and related to the theme of innovative science and technology.

*Pujiang Innovation Forum reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event.


Collection Directions for 2021 “Seeking the Voice of Youth”

I. Future Science

Direction I: Focus on the “threats of climate change and one health”, with quantifying the risks and impacts of human activities and social behaviors with the methods of natural science from a macroscopic perspective, and discussing the scientific governance of green development and sustainable development from a perspective of cross-disciplines in natural and social science as the highlights.

Direction II: Focus on “neuroscience and brain-inspired intelligence”, with the progress on the research into the structure and functions of the cognitive neural network, the new technologies driving the research into brain structure and functions, and the application of brain science research in the technologies for brain diseases and brain-inspired intelligence as the highlights.

II. Emerging Technologies and Industrial Development

Focus on “digital economy and innovation”, and center on the key problems in the digital transformation of cities featuring safety, low carbon, coexistence and intelligence, with the development trends in new online economy, new digital infrastructure construction, and digital life, as well as the hot spots in terms of the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things and other new technologies in accelerating the digital transformation of cities as the highlights.

III. Global Health and Development

Focus on “vaccines and global health”, with topics such as the globally fair allocation of vaccines as public products, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 variants, and the global health governance in face of unknown infectious diseases in the future as the highlights. 

IV. Innovation Policies

Direction I: Focus on the “policy options for sustainable innovation”, with how science and technology innovation policies can help resume the harmonious and united development of human society with “eliminating faults” as the main idea in face of the tough global challenges of sustainable development as the highlight.

Direction II: Focus on the “opening and sharing of scientific data”, with topics such as the policy orientation of the measures for the control of scientific data, the localized application of internationally accepted principles, and the safety and compliance, as well as the reasonable boundary of the sharing of scientific data as the highlights.

V. Regional (Urban) Innovation

Focus on “regional collaborative agglomeration: new cities and new space”, with topics such as the new paths and new models for the coordinated development among regions, including innovative urban agglomerations, the integrative development of science and technology innovation in the Yangtze River Delta, and the G60 S&T Innovation Corridor as the highlights.

VI. Innovation Cooperation along the “Belt and Road”

Focus on “health, digitalization and greenness”, the three philosophies behind the innovation cooperation of the “Belt and Road” countries, with the new paths for innovation cooperation of all countries on health care and sanitation, digital trade and the digital industry, advanced and applicable green technologies, and other fields as the highlights.

VII. Entrepreneurs

Focus on the new features, new trends and new power of innovation and entrepreneurship, with topics such as the opportunities and challenges faced by technology-driven entrepreneurs, the requirements for the construction of new-type infrastructure, and innovative methods for government governance as the highlights.

VIII. Fintech 

Focus on the “financial reform in the digital era”, with topics such as the digital reform, value measurement, and the value spillover effect of fintech as the highlights.

IX. Technology Transfer and Commercialization

Focus on topics such as the difficulties and experience in the construction of the professional system of tech-transfer managers, the cultivation and development of new tech-transfer managers, and the implementation and exploration of the service platforms for technology transfer.

X. Others

State views and explanations centering on the theme of the Forum in 2021: “Innovation, For a Better Life of Mankind”, or make suggestions on the future topics of the Forum (e.g., directions of topic selection for fundamental research, applied research and emerging technologies, or topics related to the optimization of the innovation ecosystem).

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