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Agglomerating the Great Power of Science and Technology Innovation—2021 Pujiang Innovation Forum Sounds the Bugle!

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The world is experiencing profound changes unseen in a century; a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is developing deeply, and the history has proven countless times that every major science and technology innovation exerts a profound influence on human life and makes a difference to our world. Science and technology is only “warm” when it is human-centered. With “Innovation, For a Better Life of Mankind” as the theme, 2021 Pujiang Innovation Forum is set to be held from May 28 to June 1, 2021 in Shanghai, to discuss how science and technology can better serve human life, and how to jointly promote innovation towards a more open, inclusive, balanced, and win-win direction to let all people in the world share the fruits of global innovation and economic growth.


2021 marks the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan. As a grand conference of the innovation eco-system connecting the scientific and technological communities, industrial communities, academic communities and investment communities in the world, the 14th Pujiang Innovation Forum will continue to focus on “innovation network”, “the power of youth”, and “future trends”.


Focus on innovation network: No river or sea can be formed without the inclusion of different streams. Since 2012, the Forum has successively initiated the mechanism of the “Country of Honor and Province of Honor”, added the “‘Belt and Road’ Seminar” and the “International Symposium for Leading Research Institutions”, proactively integrated itself into the global innovation network to build a “global reception room” forging global innovation consensus, and promoted the construction of “a community with a shared future for mankind”. Focus on future trends: Accelerate towards the future and promote changes in innovation. The Forum will organize the Future Science Forum and the Emerging Technology Forum in partnership with internationally well-known scientific research institutions and universities, scientific periodicals, industry-leading enterprises, etc. to discuss climate change, digital transformation of cities, brain-inspired science and other hot frontier topics closely related to human life, and clearly understand future science, explore emerging technologies, and look to the industrial transformation with innovation trends as the focus. Focus on the power of youth: The youth are energetic while the seniors are strong. In order to further fill the pool of young talents and find young pioneers, 2021 Pujiang Innovation Forum will organize a series of hierarchical thematic events with the youth as the focus. Apart from continuing to hold the YES SUMMIT (Young Elite Scientist Summit), the Forum has initiated the collection event themed “Seeking the Voice of Youth”, which advocates listening to the voice of youth and agglomerating young talents. To be formally initiated in March, the event focusing on the interpretations on the theme of the Forum and the topics of the sub-forums is extensively collecting new ideas and perspectives from the youth, and will form an expert panel of judges to select a batch of insightful, innovative and influential perspectives. We are always ready to know the views of youth, values of youth, and visions of youth. One can never go far without faith in the heart! 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the world has been experiencing an unprecedented period of intensive global science and technology innovations, when much attention are paid to such common issues as climate change and human health to make science and technology innovations better serve the humanity and depict a new picture of wonderful future life. The 14th Pujiang Innovation Forum will “support the digital transformation of cities”, “explore cutting-edge technologies in the world”, “protect people’s life and health”, and “facilitate talent development and agglomeration” in an all-around way.


Actively support the digital transformation of cities. Fully release the great power of digitalization, help cities walk into the digital age in economy, life, governance and other fields, further improve the operational efficiency, allocation efficiency and production efficiency of the giant urban system, and lead the comprehensive innovation in production and life style as well as mindsets. Actively explore cutting-edge technologies in the world. Have in-depth discussions about how fields such as brain science and brain-inspired research can pave the way for major scientific and technological studies, work hard to improve the national innovation capability in strategic frontier fields, expand the international science and technology cooperation network, and initiate big science programs with the advancing science and technology, the accelerating technological change, and the successively emerging major science and technology innovations. Vigorously protect people’s life and health. Pay more attention to frontier technologies in life health and develop innovative drugs, accelerate the commercialization of the researches into antibody drugs, cell therapy, new vaccines and other biotech drugs and biologics, and explore the construction of the global health governance system and protect the health and safety of the humanity with more effective scientific and technological support with the in-depth promotion of the prevention and control over the COVID-19 pandemic. Positively facilitate talent development and agglomeration. Define the key and irreplaceable role of talents in science and technology innovation, have in-depth discussions about the constant optimization of the structure of the science and technology talent teams, the all-around inspiration of talent vitality, and the hard work for the construction of world-class talent teams and innovation teams, and produce “magnetic effect” towards big scientists, entrepreneurs, young science and technology leaders with global influence and other high-end talents.

This is a place where “discussions” and “exhibitions” are held in parallel. The Global Technology Transfer Fair (INNO-MATCH EXPO) steps onto the stage again to promote result matching with technological needs, integrate national and international innovation needs, results, service institutions, tech-transfer managers and other innovative elements of the entire technology transfer chain, and deepen the market-oriented allocation of technological elements, expand the power and size of the technological element market, enrich the supply of technological elements, and improve the efficiency of technology transactions with Shanghai Technology Exchange as the supporting platform.


This is a place where “online channels” are blended with “offline channels”. The Forum will continue to construct both online and offline main venues, work hard to underline the nature of cloud and the all-area promotion of live streams, and proactively build a media convergence platform integrating pictures and text, videos, features, cloud exhibitions, etc.


Modern science and technology will allow more people to unlock their innovative thinking and benefit from innovation and growth, and will allow countries and regions to promote the joint progress of human beings. Agglomerating the great power of science and technology innovation, 2021 Pujiang Innovation Forum sounds the bugle!

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