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【Warm-up】Officials and Experts of Multiple Nations Will Attend the Seminar to Discuss the Construction of “The Belt and Road” Innovation Community

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On the morning of October 31, Pujiang Innovation Forum • “The Belt and Road” Seminar themed “To Create ‘The Belt and Road’ Innovation Community: Theory and Practice” will be held at DongJiao State Guest Hotel. Government officials, scientific experts and representatives of think tanks from Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia, et. al., will attend the conference, and launch in-depth communication on topics including how to promote the mutual understanding and integration of national development strategies, innovation and entrepreneurship policies, and innovation culture of the countries along the line, to further discuss the direction and way of creating “The Belt and Road” innovation community.

CHEN Baoming, Director of the Institute of Comprehensive Development of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, indicated that at present, the construction of “The Belt and Road” has developed from focusing more on construction of industries, economy and trade, and infrastructure, to attaching more and more importance to the multinational cooperation in scientific and technological innovation. The construction of “The Belt and Road” innovation community corresponds with the needs of the countries for innovation-driven and transformational development, and benefits the countries in long-term development.

According to the strategic goal of the Special Plan for Promoting the Collaboration in Science and Technology Innovation for the Construction of “The Belt and Road”, by the middle period of this century, through the collaboration in science and technology innovation, “The Belt and Road” innovation community will be established, thus forming a regional collaborative innovation pattern of mutual learning and correction as well as mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. According to CHEN Baoming, China is implementing the action plan for “The Belt and Road” Science and Technology Innovation, and conducting 4 actions including science & technology as well as cultural and educational exchanges, co-building of joint laboratories, science and technology park collaboration, and technology transfer.

Through the plan for the exchanges of young scientists, a batch of young scientists from the countries along the line has come to China for short-term scientific researches. In the past, the exchanges focused mainly on the scientific personnel; but at present, the countries have also started to pay attention to the exchanges in fields including science and technology policies and social sciences.

For the co-building of joint laboratories, China will take the major science and technology requirements of the countries along the line into consideration, and put 50 joint laboratories into operation, centering on the major fields. In addition, at present, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and governments of multiple places are actively facilitating the construction.

For international technology transfer, China has established collaboration network and cooperative exchange platform of technology transfer with countries along “The Belt and Road” such as those in ASEAN, South Asia and Central Asia and Arab States, which has greatly promoted the integrated development of regional innovation. In addition, with the promotion of the government, Chinese enterprises are actively collaborating with the government departments and enterprises of the countries along the line, to jointly build science and technology parks, to share the experience and good measures of China in developing high-tech parks, and to facilitate the win-win cooperation of the countries in new lines of business and new business models.

As the origin of national scientific and technological innovation and the front-line battle field of opening-up, Shanghai plays the leading role in creating “The Belt and Road” innovation community. Last October, Action Plan for Shanghai to Play the Leading Role in Serving the Construction of ‘The Belt and Road’ of China was released. It planned to combine the construction needs of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, and organize and launch a series of cooperation projects including “The Belt and Road” Excellent Young Scientists Project, International Joint Laboratories Construction Project, Science and Technology Park Collaboration, Technology Transfer and Commercialization in the next 5 years, with the strengthening of the construction of the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, so as to realize the goal of having about 20 joint laboratories in operation within the next 5 years. This July, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission released the Guidance on “The Belt and Road” International Collaboration Projects of “Action Plan for Science and Technology Innovation” of 2018, which were divided into three major subjects, namely Construction of International Joint Laboratories, Exchange of Young Scientists, and Collaboration in Technology Transfer Service.

CHEN Baoming said that during the long-term opening-up, Shanghai has constructed close economic connections with many countries. In addition, the number of foreign-invested R&D centers in Shanghai accounted for about 1/4 of the total number in mainland China, ranking first among all provincial administrative units of the country. These advantages will become a strong support for Shanghai to promote the construction of “The Belt and Road” innovation community.

For more contents about “To Create ‘The Belt and Road’ Innovation Community: Theory and Practice”, follow Pujiang Innovation Forum 2018.

Pujiang Innovation Forum 2018 is themed “Innovation-Driven Development and Supply-Side Structural Reform in a New Age”, and will be held from October 29 to November 1 in Shanghai. The forum will focus on issues including the revolution in quality, efficiency, and momentum promoted by scientific and technological innovation, to launch far-sighted, strategic and systematic discussions, by centering on special topics including the current conditions of the “innovation and entrepreneurship” ecology and unicorn enterprises, the construction of the leading area of innovation-driven development, the facilitation and integration of innovation policies, the development of the front-line science in the future, and the construction of “The Belt and Road”, among which, the industry forum will focus mainly on geriatric medicine, intelligent manufacturing, science and technology service industry, and energy internet, to launch in-depth discussions.

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