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Focusing on Global Innovation Network to Gain Insights on Future Development Trends, Scientists and Entrepreneurs Exchange and Share Opinions and Ideas at Pujiang Innovation Forum

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With the continuous advancement of the new round of scientific and technological revolution as well as industrial transformation, science and technology innovation is increasingly becoming a revolutionary power promoting the economic and social development, with profound influences on the development of human civilization and the global governance system. To be specific, the adjustment of the global innovation governance system and the emergence of new global governance themes and modes have brought about opportunities for emerging economies and the developing countries to take part in global governance. With a development history of 12 years, Pujiang Innovation Forum, co-sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, has been focusing on innovation network, future trends and the power of youths, to collaboratively promote innovation globalization by working with the talented of the same level for coordinated development with science and technology. Standing on the brand-new starting point of the second decade of the 21st century, the 13th Pujiang Innovation Forum will be held in Shanghai from Oct 27 to 30, 2020. As a grand meeting in the field of science and technology that focuses closely on innovation globalization, the 2020 Forum will be held under the theme of “Global Cooperation and Governance of Science and Technology Innovation” to discuss the means of strengthening opening up and cooperation under current international situation to construct the global innovative governance system facilitating joint development and give better play of science and technology innovation in supporting and guiding high-quality development.

Expand the innovation network to build an influential circle of partnership.Since 2012, the Forum has initiated “the Country of Honor and the Province of Honor” mechanism and added the “‘Belt and Road’ Seminar for Innovation Journey Construction” and “International Symposium for Leading Research Institutions” in succession, which have efficiently promoted the bilateral and multilateral international cooperation on science and technology innovation and the joint development of innovation between regions, and built a platform for exchange between world class scientific research institutions. With this platform, top government officials, think tank representatives, policy makers from all regions and heads of scientific research institutions can be gathered together to build an in-depth collaborative network for science and technology innovation, realizing innovation with actual influence.

Gather the power of youths to build a dynamic circle of partnership. As one of the feature sub-forums of Pujiang Innovation Forum, Young Elite Scientist Summit (Yes Summit) established in 2018, invites young scientists and innovation pioneers under 45 years old every year, to carry out cross-border exchanges and sharing of thoughts focusing on the areas and topics probably with breakthroughs in future scientific and technological reforms, to convey the voices of youths, strengthen the power of youths, and build a pragmatic and effective dialogue platform for young innovative talents. The forum is for youths, elites and scientists, with the vision of focusing on the youth-shaping power, the construction of the innovation eco-system, and the trends of sustainability.

Look at future trends to build a creative circle of partnership.Over the past 12 years, the Forum has focused on wider, deeper and more cutting-edge areas of the development of human and society by examining the past and thinking about the future. It has actively promoted the establishment of new international relations and the reform of the global governance system, to realize the inclusive and sustainable development of the Community of Shared Future for Mankind. To this end, the Forum has cooperated with Springer Nature, Fudan University and other organizations to build sub-forums on future science, emerging technologies and industrial development that discuss and popularize the current environmental and ecological issues closely linked to our daily lives such as climate change and pollution control, and the technological achievements in the core field of quantum devices that have sparked heated discussions for the past 2 years, putting the trends of innovation in the spotlight, gaining insights on the future science, exploring emerging technologies and perceiving future industrial reforms.

Innovative Thinking in Pudong and Technology Transfer in Puxi. At the DongJiao State Guest Hotel, the main venue, political leaders, academic leaders and business elites came to talk about innovation. Global Technology Transfer Fair and The First World Tech-transfer Manager Summit (INNO-MATCH EXPO) will debuted for the first time at West Bund Arts Center. From the perspective of “corporate demand, innovation results and precise service”, the Conference will combine the national and Shanghai’s science and technology awards to establish a display platform for important breakthroughs and cutting-edge technological findings in science and technology innovation, and a professional display and exchange platform for the demands of enterprises for innovative technologies, and the launching and purchasing of innovative products from micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, adding radiance to Pujiang with the integration of “brainstorming” and “diversified display”.

The 2020 Puajing Innovation Forum will mainly explore the major trends in global development of science and technology innovation under the ardent expectation of “contributing more to the world peace and development and the construction of the Community of Shared Future for Mankind”, discuss the opening-up and cooperation under the new situation with elites and leaders from governments, industries, universities and colleges, research institutions and enterprises around the world, and promote the construction of the global innovation governance system. It is expected that Pujiang Innovation Forum can integrate more innovation elements, and inspire more innovation enthusiasts, spreading the spirits of science and technology innovation to everywhere, and to the faraway future.

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