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Innovation forum discusses Hainan's green development path

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The 15th Pujiang Innovation Forum is held in Shanghai from Aug 27 to 30. [Photo/IC]

At the 15th Pujiang Innovation Forum, Hainan was the province of honor and shared its experiences focusing on the high-quality construction of tropical rainforest national parks, in which it implemented green and low-carbon concepts.

Co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the forum was held in Shanghai from Aug 27 to 30, entitled "Low Carbon: a New Mission of Global Innovation".

Hainan is the first province in the country to carry out gross ecosystem product (GEP) accounting. It has implemented measures to reduce carbon emissions in the tropical rainforest national park, promoted eco-tourism development, as well as created a multi-party participation and cooperation platform in the field of low-carbon innovation, all of which have achieved remarkable results.

Hainan is very rich in solar energy resources, marine resources, forest resources, and biological resources, which are beneficial to reaching its carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. It also has significant advantages to develop a green, low-carbon, and circular development pilot zone.

"In the future, Hainan will promote green and low-carbon development from three aspects," said Gao Shuchao, deputy director of the Forestry Department of Hainan Province.

The first aspect is to accelerate the formation of a first-class international business environment that is ruled by law. Hainan will establish a policy and institutional system compatible with high-level free trade ports. It will also attract more high-tech enterprises, scientific research institutions, and outstanding talents, as well as enhance its scientific and technological innovation capabilities in the green and low-carbon field.

The second aspect is to actively develop the green carbon sink and the blue carbon sink economy. Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park is an ideal area for low-carbon innovation. In addition, Hainan's unique marine resources have strong carbon absorption and carbon removal ability, making them important for realizing green and low-carbon development.

The third aspect is to focus on optimizing the structure of the energy industry, striving to be the first to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Hainan will take advantage of its geographical location and ecological resources to focus on developing clean energy industries, such as solar energy, hydrogen energy, tidal energy, wind energy, as well as biomass energy.


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