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【Warm-up】Openness as the Soul of Innovation: Pujiang Innovation Forum – 2018 International Science, Technology and Innovation Think Tank Forum Inaugurated in Shanghai

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2018 Pujiang Innovation Forum is to be held in Shanghai on October 29-November 1, with the theme of “innovation development and supply-side structural reform in the new era”. This year, the forum will constitute an organization mechanism of “annual symposium + conference season”. The “annual symposium” refers to the core content held during the main session on October 29-November 1; the “conference season” refers to a series of thematic events in various forms held at different times and locations.


As a highlighted event in the “conference season” of Pujiang Innovation Forum, “Pujiang Innovation Forum – 2018 International Science, Technology and Innovation Think Tank Forum” was held in Shanghai on June 22 and 23, 2018. Hosted by Shanghai Institute for Science of Science, the forum followed the theme of “Science and Technology Innovation Center: Urban Agglomeration and Opportunities”. Experts in science and technology innovation think tanks at home and abroad were invited to share the development experience and research thinking of cities as global innovation centers and urban agglomerations. The purpose was to commence a brainstorm on innovation ideas to contribute ideas and plans to the collaborative innovation of Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, and meanwhile to promote the cooperation and exchange among international think tanks for science and technology innovation.


In today's world, the new science and technology revolution and global industrial transformation are on the upsurge. The breakthrough of new technologies accelerates the industry revolution, and has exerted a significant impact on the world’s economic structure and competition pattern, thus leading to profound changes in the development of cities and urban agglomerations. Shanghai is further implementing an innovation-driven development strategy and accelerating its construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence under the background of integration of Yangtze River Delta. In this forum, think-tank experts from Development Research Center of the State Council, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, Institutes of Science and Development, CAS, Science and Technology Financial Promotion Association of China, Tongji University, East China Normal University, Center for China and Globalisation, Our Hong Kong Foundation, UNESCO, OECD, Joint Venture Silicone Valley, Springer Nature, Moscow Agency of Innovations, PWC, Curium, etc., launched a comprehensive and in-depth discussion on issues such as “Logic and Strategies for Collaborative Innovation of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration”, “Innovation Development Experience of International Urban Agglomerations”, “Urban Agglomeration and Governance of Global Talents”, “Urban Innovation and Scientific Research Output” and “Construction of A Modernized Economy System and A Modern Industrial System”, to contribute their wisdom to the collaborative innovation of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration and Shanghai’s accelerated construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence.


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