Andy Sierakowski

 Andy Sierakowski,Co-chairman of International Technology Transfer Network.

ITTN International Committee co-chair and former chair of the Australian knowledge commercialization (KCA). Ph. D. from the University of Western Australia, Australia, and postdoctoral work in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Joined Kodak in 1980 as head of research and development. With rich experience in intellectual property commercialization, project development experience, has been responsible for kodak,-type technology transfer and commercialization projects. 1992-1997 Kodak Australia and New Zealand Business Manager. In 1998, she was the general manager of Joyce Rural Company, mainly responsible for R & D, Sales, marketing, production and logistics. He joined the University of Western Australia in 2001 as head of the Office of industrial innovation and as a board member of two University of Western Australia companies. Since 2006-2012, as President of the Australian Knowledge Commercialization Association (KCA) , he has made KCA a truly international technology transfer organization, with links to Autm in the United States, Unico in the United Kingdom, ACCT in Canada and ASTP in Europe.