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Highlights Preview | YES SUMMIT Will Be Held on June 2

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In today's world, the global transmission mechanism, characterized by the extremely-high speed that shortens the distance among countries, has turned the planet where humans live into a "global village", and the close integration of the interests among various countries has linked them to a chain of common interests. We have only one Earth. While countries are increasingly connected and interdependent, they also face a number of common challenges. In face of the irreversible trend of globalization, China promotes the concept of building “a community with a shared future for mankind". Regardless of where people live, their beliefs, and their will, they are already subject to a community with a shared future. As the global values of addressing the common challenges faced by the mankind has begun to form, the concept of a science community is no longer a utopian dream.


As science, society and culture are increasingly interweaving and penetrating with one another in a faster pace, the unprecedentedly complex science and technology system is calling for innovation of the science community. With the theme of the "Future Features of Science Community: Diversity, Connection and Sharing", 2021 Pujiang Innovation Forum · YES SUMMIT will be unveiled on the afternoon of June 2. The Forum has invited ZHANG Yunfei, Director of Tencent Future Network Lab and General Manager of Tencent Smart Transportation, ZHOU Fubao, Vice President of China University of Mining and Technology, Nicolas Berthet, Researcher of Pathogen Discovery and Molecular Characteristics Research Group, Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other domestic and foreign young scientists to have in-depth exchanges and interactions to discuss how to build an efficient, open and organized knowledge sharing and collaboration system in the post-pandemic era and address global issues that transcend national boundaries; in face of unknown common challenges, what difficulties the science community has to overcome, and what responsibilities the science community has to take; entering the new era of social network 3.0, how could scientists adapt to the new academic exchange and academic publishing environment, and explore the future way of reform for scientific research paradigms.


Jointly organized by Tencent Academician Expert Workstation, Deeptech, Zhangjiang Group, etc., the summit will have keynote speeches, live show of the Nth Dimension of Parallel Future", roundtable discussions and other sessions.



Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Pujiang Innovation Forum has always been committed to focusing on the innovation network, the power of youth and the future trends. In 2018, the Forum held the YES SUMMIT for the first time, inviting young leaders from all sectors to focus on the fields and topics that may have disruptive breakthroughs in future scientific and technological changes and promote cross-border collisions and sharing of ideas, to convey the voice of youth and highlight the power of youth.


In order to further consolidate a pragmatic and effective platform for the gathering, demonstration, vocalization and communication of young innovative talents, the Forum will continue to hold the Young Elite Scientist Summit (YES Summit) as well as closed-door symposiums for young scientists to build a platform for the dialogue among government institutions, strategic experts and representatives of outstanding young scientists in various fields across the country. Meanwhile, the Forum has initiated an event themed “Seeking the Voice of Youth” in March to solicit the views, values and visions of youth on science and technology innovation around the annual topics and different thematic directions of the Forum. Young people have never been missing from great achievements. Pujiang Innovation Forum will join hands with global youth innovation forces to move forward courageously and chase a dream for the future!


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