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Autumn Conference Season | Pujiang Innovation Forum · Innovation and Development Summit of Carbon Fiber Composite Industry Has Been Held Today!

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In order to have an in-depth discussion on the evolutionary trends of carbon fiber composite technologies and the development trends of the industry, and plan for the construction of a high-level science and technology innovation service platform, on the afternoon of September 12, “Innovation and Development Summit of Carbon Fiber Composite Industry” themed “Innovative Materials, Leading the Future” was successfully held in Jinshan District as one of the conference session events of 2019 Pujiang Innovation Forum.


In the witness of the participating guests, White Paper on the Innovation and Development of Carbon Fiber Composite of Shanghai, as well as Development Planning and Policies for the Carbon Fiber Composite Industry of Jinshan District were released, and Shanghai Carbon Fiber Composites Innovation Development Expert Committee was officially established at the conference. At the same time, Jinshan District signed 15 projects, including 5 industrial projects, with a total estimated funding of about 7 billion RMB.


Wu Qing, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Chen Mingbo, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Liu Yan, Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Work Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhao Weixing, Secretary of Jinshan District Committee of the Communist Party of China, Hu Weiguo, Deputy Secretary of Jinshan District Committee of the Communist Party of China and Governor of Jinshan District, as well as other leaders, guests and over 300 representatives from  enterprises and universities attended the Forum.


Wu Qing pointed out in his speech that in terms of the innovation and development of industrial technologies, a good atmosphere of cultivating the innovation and development of carbon fiber composite was forming in Jinshan District. Jinshan District should constantly work on the critical and core technologies and “key” fields, to consistently facilitate greater progress in the construction of the science and innovation center. Jinshan District should strengthen urban-district linkage, deepen government-enterprise cooperation, highlight the development strengths of the carbon fiber composite industry, strive to realize the high-quality development in a more stable and more solid way, and try to become an important supporting area for promoting the “Made in Shanghai” brand. Meanwhile, Wu Qing expressed the hope that the entrepreneurs and experts present could pour out more wisdom for the industrial development based on this event to support Shanghai in creating a better business environment.


Zhao Weixing delivered a speech and said that carbon fiber composite had been always known as “the king of new materials” and had become the “key” industry in political and economic competition and development. Jinshan District is uniquely positioned to develop the carbon fiber composite industry due to its consistency with the established development framework and its conformity to the existing development technologies. The development of the carbon fiber composite industry in Jinshan District is in the making, and based on the industrial development planning and policies, Jinshan District will work hard to guarantee all services and help build a better environment in the future, to accelerate the development of Jinshan District.

As emphasized by LIU Yan in his speech, according to the “25 Policies for Scientific Reform”, it is clearly necessary to deepen the reform of the science and technology systems of universities, research institutions and medical institutions, develop enterprises which serve as technical innovation bodies, cultivate strategic science and technology force, develop various new R&D institutions with their own characteristics, and facilitate the coordinated development of the various innovative bodies. The Summit today is not only an effort to deepen and extend Pujiang Innovation Forum, but also an important initiative to further facilitate the construction of the functional platform for carbon fiber composite. Liu Yan expressed the hope that Jinshan District could take the construction of the functional platform as an opportunity to further promote the research into generic technologies of different industries, provide technical services to support the R&D and commercialization process of the industrial chain, and focus on resource pooling and professional science and technology services to guide the various innovative and entrepreneurial activities.


It is learned that for the industry, the most eye-catching project among the signed industrial projects of the day is Sinopec Large Tow Carbon Fiber Project. With an estimated investment of about 4 billion RMB, the project will have an annual output of 24,000 tons of raw silk and 12,000 tons of 48K large-tow carbon fiber. The products will be used in the fields of offshore wind power blades, rail transit, automobile, energy, etc.


It is introduced that 48K large-tow carbon fiber refers to a bunch of carbon fiber composed of 48,000 filaments, each of which is only 1/10 of the diameter of a human hair. It boasts a much higher efficiency of producing carbon fiber composites than small-tow carbon fiber-, and is thus promising. Although the quantity of large-tow carbon fiber used in China last year exceeded 30, 000 tons, more than 99% of it was imported since China is technically limited. The SOP of the 10,000-ton level domestic project of Sinopec will facilitate a reduction of raw material cost by over 20%.


On the day, Jinshan District also released the “15 Special Policies for Carbon Fiber” to support the agglomeration and intensive development of the industry, the excellent performance, expansion and improvement of enterprises, the industry-university-research cooperation and improvement in science and technology innovation capacity, and promotion of carbon fiber composite applications, so as to guide and support the high-quality development of the carbon fiber industry. For example, in addition to the existing policy incentives and subsidies, Jinshan District will investigate and set up a special fund for the development of carbon fiber composite to provide great support for key generic technologies, major breakthroughs in application technologies, and construction of industrial projects regarding carbon fiber.


It is reported that Jinshan District plans to mainly locate the industrial base for carbon fiber composite in Jinshan Second Industrial Zone and the surrounding areas. It is planned that the industries relating to carbon fiber composite will produce a total revenue of over 10 billion RMB by 2025, and 40 billion to 50 billion RMB by 2035, and the national R&D and industrialization demonstration base for carbon fiber composite with global competitiveness is expected to be successfully completed


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