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【Warm-up】Innovation & Entrepreneurship Carnival Underway! 2018 Pujiang Innovation Forum•World Innovation &Entrepreneurship EXPO (WIEE) Inaugurated on May 19

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2018 Pujiang Innovation Forum is to be held in Shanghai on October 29-November 1, with the theme of “innovation development and supply-side structural reform in the new era”. This year, the forum will constitute an organization mechanism of “annual symposium + conference season”. The “annual symposium” refers to the core content meetings held during the main session on October 29-November 1; the “conference season” refers to a series of thematic events in various forms held at different times and locations.

As a highlight in the overall framework of Pujiang Innovation Forum,2018World Innovation &Entrepreneurship EXPO (WIEE), initiated by Tongji University and co-sponsored by Tongji University and the People’s Government of Shanghai Jiading District, was inaugurated on JiadingCampus of Tongji University on the morning of May 19. The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Carnival has therefore come to the stage and will last for a year. This is also a tribute to the 111th anniversary of Tongji University and meanwhile an opening event for Pujiang Innovation Forum this year.

The WIEE opening ceremony was held in S&T Air Dome Pavilion which can accommodate several thousands of people. CaiDafeng, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, XuGuanhua, former Ministerof Ministry of Science and Technology, President of Pujiang Innovation Forum and anacademician of CAS, Zhao Wen, Vice Chairmanof Shanghai Municipal CPPCC, Dong Yiwen, a member of the Standing Committee ofCPC Committee and Vice Governorof Jiading District, Shanghai, Li Yaping, Mayor of Suzhou and the representative of inter-city cooperation, TuulaTeeri, President of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the representative of cooperation among colleges, Fang Shou’en, Secretary of the Party Committeeof Tongji University, ZhongZhihua, an academician of CAS and President of Tongji University et al. attended the opening ceremony. CaiDafeng declared its commencement. Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and President of China Association for Science and Technology extended his congratulations via video.

In his speech, XuGuanhua said that among a number of topics of Pujiang Innovation Forum, innovation &entrepreneurship is one of the core topics most concerned. As one of the earliest unitsinitiating the “Pujiang Innovation Forum”, Tongji University initiated and sponsored the WIEE and put it into the overall framework of the forum this year, which enables the forum to target at the younger audience, becoming a significant support for the forum to achieve the future development objective. This has created a highlight for the “new decade” of the forum.


In his speech, ZhongZhihua said that colleges and universities are the source as well as the driving force of innovation, and moreover an important base for cultivation of innovative talents. They play an irreplaceable role in the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy. The WIEE is the main battlefield for innovation&entrepreneurship education, a booster for cross-disciplinary development and a test field for accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Holding WIEE is a specific initiative for Tongji University to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and also another practical action demonstrating its commitment to servingthe country's economic and social development with thepatriotismof “benefit others and improve the world”.


During WIEE, all parties will join hands to organizea series of events, including Youth Innovation in Communities, 2018 Shanghai International Makers Innovation Competition, 2018 Straits Youth Makers Competition, 2018 STEAM Education Summit, 2018 China-US Youth Maker Contest,WIEE “Zaojiu Festival of Thinkers”, 2018 Slush Shanghai and MakerFaire.

Publishing the World Declaration on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

On the opening ceremony, the foreign and domesticparticipating cities, enterprises, universities, and organizations jointly published World Declaration on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Shanghai Declaration).

The Declaration holds the opinion that the innovation and entrepreneurship should be the way to realize the seamless collaborationamong enterprises, universities, cities and organizations, to share human’s latest technologies, concepts, models and cases on innovation, to share the experience, policies, markets and environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, to explore a sustainable, creative, inclusive and coordinativeapproachof growthand to jointly build a global collaborativecommunity ofinnovation and entrepreneurship.

Close Relation between Innovation Exhibits and Future Life Style

On the first day of the WIEE, the various theme pavilions of cities, enterprises, universities and organizations from both home and abroad attracted an endless stream of visitorsfrom inside and outside the University.

The first WIEEreceived an active response,where institutions and enterprises from all over the world came with their innovative achievements. “Future Residence”, “Future Living” and “Future Transportation” are the three major featured sectors focused by the first WIEE.

Several Summits Bloom the Thoughts on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The “Future Trend Summit” took the lead on May 19,exploringthe way to use new technologies for the comprehensive evolution and harmonious coexistence with the new world.


It was learnt that during the“WIEE Opening Week” from May 19 to 26, several theme summits were held consecutively, where innovation leaders from every walk of life in the world and alumni of Tongji University shared their latest practice and thinking on innovation andentrepreneurship to bloom the thoughts.

As a part of the overall framework of Pujiang Innovation Forum, the WIEE will become a new highlight for the “new decade” of Pujiang Innovation Forumthat warms up the forum in a comprehensive way. Through events such as “WIEE Opening Week”, “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summer Carnival”,“Global Future Theme Weeks”, “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Theme Exhibition” et al., the WIEE realizes a complementation with Pujiang Innovation Forum in terms of form, extends the innovation chain in terms of content, and increases the participation of the youth in terms of audience. It is designed to make innovation the driving force for the voyage of youth, and make entrepreneurship the energy forthe struggle of youth.

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