Seeing into the future of visual intelligence

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Da Shengwei, PhD in Electronic Circuits, University of California, Davis, is founder and CEO of Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co Ltd.

Da Shengwei, founder and CEO of Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co Ltd, was awarded the 2018 Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award. As a speaker at the Pujiang Innovation Forum, he shared some opinions on visual intelligence — teaching computers to see — in an interview with Shanghai Daily.

Q: Xiaoyi specializes in visual intelligence, so what new vision do you have for the development of visual intelligence?

A: I hope edge computing will be applied more widely in the field of visual intelligence. In simple terms, edge computing means sensors themselves possess deep learning ability and can manage data on their own. Compared with cloud computing that relies on a dozen data centers, edge computing has advantages of much lower latency, privacy protection and speed.

Q: What new opportunities do you foresee in the 5G era?

A: 5G is a national strategy, which is highly favorable to us. Once the 5G network is widely used, the cost will fall. We can be more internationally competitive with the help of such a weapon at our disposal.

Q: What is the current status of visual intelligence? What are the problems and trends?

A: Visual intelligence has a very big market, whether it is for B2B or B2C. Smart homes, smart travel and smart retail is gaining momentum, making full use of computer vision. The main problem is about privacy. The public are particularly sensitive to privacy issues. As for the development trend, it will revolve around privacy protection. For example, a future security camera can alert people to danger without recording.

Q: Xiaoyi is committed to improving the quality and value of products. Can you share how to balance cost reduction and quality assurance?

A: We focus on two aspects. The first is to use the latest components. Usually, new products have more functions at the same price. We are always willing to try new components in our products. The second is to improve the level of service. Software is important to digital products, to which we pay much attention.

Q: How will computer vision affect our lives?

A: As we all know, eyes capture more information than hearing or touch. People intuitively perceive the world through vision. Eighty percent of content on the internet is video. I think visual intelligence will make life safer and more efficient.

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