Agenda—October 28

Open Ceremony of INNO-MATCH EXPO





Open Ceremony of INNO-MATCH EXPO

Shanghai Exhibition Center


The First World Tech-transfer Manager   Summit

OrganizerNational Eastern Tech-Transfer Center

Shanghai Exhibition Center

Theme   Interpretation

Transformation of S&T achievements   marks the “last mile” of the industrialization and commercialization of   S&T achievements where technology-transfer professionals play a vital   role in this process. In recent years, all parts of the country have been   launching tech-transfer related policies, with a focus on optimizing the   cultivation of tech-transfer talents. Commercialization of S&T   achievements has become one of the important measures to build China a major   S&T power.

Under the background of the new era, the   first World Tech-transfer Manager Summit will be held to discuss the hot   topics among technology managers and tech-transfer industry, focusing on the   development achievements and future trends of Chinese technology managers,   aiming to provide technology mangers with a broader platform for   communication and display. Domestic and foreign technology managers and   experts as well as tech-transfer service institutions will gather together to   have an in-depth discussion on the development status, bottlenecks and   solutions to jointly promote industrial upgrading and draw the blueprint in   the collision of wisdoms and ideas.


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