Agenda—October 23

The Future Science Forum - Developments of Novel Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing



2020. 10.23Friday


The Future Science Forum

Developments of Novel Quantum Devices and   Quantum Computing

OrganizerFudan University

Yulan Hall, 2F, Convention Center

Theme Interpretation

The development of   modern society relies largely on the classical computers guided by Moore’s   Law. With Moore’s law approaching its fundamental limit, the efficiency of   classical computer has been reaching its bottleneck. Quantum materials and   quantum computing not only point towards a new direction to solve this issue,   but also provide a revolutionary force to promote the next generation of   information technology and industrial development. This forum will bring   together the leading scientists in the field of quantum materials and quantum   information to discuss the frontier results in quantum devices and quantum   computing. This forum will focus on exchange new ideas to provide the   revolutionary concepts and applications, and aim at the future development of   quantum information technology in our country.


SHEN Jian, Professor of   Department of Physics, Fudan University


Welcome Address


Keynote Speech

XIE Xincheng, Deputy Director of   National Natural Science Foundation of China, Professor of School of Physics,   Peking University, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

DU Jiangfeng, Professor and Vice   President of University of Science and Technology of China, Member of Chinese   Academy of Sciences

XU Hongxing, Professor of School   of Physics and Technology of Wuhan University, Deputy Dean of Wuhan   University Institute for Advanced Study, Member of Chinese Academy of   Sciences, Member of Academy of Sciences for Developing Countries

JIA Jinfeng, Distinguished   Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Academic Leader of the   Low-Dimensional Physics and Interface Engineering Laboratory of Shanghai   Jiaotong University




Panel Discussion