Agenda—October 23

The Policy Forum - Policy Principles and Tools to Promote Innovation Cooperation



The Policy Forum

Policy Principles and   Tools to Promote Innovation Cooperation

OrganizerChinese Academy of   Science and Technology for Development

Zijin Hall, 1F,   Convention Center

Theme Interpretation

Currently, the world   economy and global economic governance system has entered the phase of   adjustment, characterized by the surging trend of deglobalization and   protectionism. However, the national innovation systems of each country are   more interconnected than that at any time in history. Governments are   building up a global innovation chain to facilitate innovation cooperation   through strategic planning, factor flow, policy supply, and interactions   between main bodies of innovation, etc. At the same time, non-traditional   security threats such as Major Public Health Emergencies put forward new   requirements and challenges to the global technological innovation governance   system and mechanism. Against this background, it has become a common concern   to discuss policy innovation and develop new policy tools to enhance the   efficiency and interactions of global innovation.

To be specific, this   sub-forum discusses the following topics: how to make China’s science and   technology more internationalized and provide the world with more   high-quality public goods; how to effectively promote coordination and   cooperation between governments and public health departments, medical care   institutions, scientific research institutions, enterprises, supporting   institutions, international organizations and the general public, to fight   against major public health emergencies such as COVID-19 pandemic; how to   truly realize the connection and integration between science and technology   innovation policies and economic policies, industrial policies and   educational policies; how to implement more policies for the good of all; and   how to efficiently regulate while at the same time be inclusive to the new   technologies, new business forms and new models brought by digital   transformation.


WANG Yuan, Professor, chairman   of Science and Technology Financial Promotion Association of China; Former President   of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development


Keynote Speech

HE   Defang, Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of   Science and Technology

HU   Zhijian, President of Chinese Academy of Sc   ience and Technology for Development

WANG   Jun, Deputy Director, Shaanxi Provincial   Science and Technology Department

DU Debin, professor of   economic geographythe Dean of School of Urban & Regional Science and   the Director of the Institute for Global Innovation and Development Studies at   East China Normal University ECNU),ShanghaiChina.


YE Hua, Nomura Research Institute,   Chief Consultant

Steven   W. Popper, senior economist at the RAND   Corporation

Doris Fischer,   professor, University of Würzburg 


Panel Discussion