Agenda—October 23

The “Belt and Road” Seminar - Mutual Trust and Interaction in Science and Technology Innovation



October 23, 2020 (Friday)


The “Belt and Road” Seminar 

Mutual Trust and Interaction in Science and Technology   Innovation

Organizer: Chinese Academy of Science and Technology   for Development

Yulan   Hall, 2F, Convention Center

Theme Interpretation

Mutual trust is the basic prerequisite for cooperation,   and interaction is the only way to cooperation. Focusing on the construction   of the "Innovation Journey" and building an innovation community requires   full mutual trust and strong support of the countries along “the Belt and   Road” in terms of science and technology innovation. In recent years, under   the call of the Chinese Government, the countries along “the Belt and Road”   have jointly promoted the opening of science and technology, extensively gathered   resources of innovative elements, and jointly shared the innovation   achievements by various means including strengthening the talent exchanges,   expanding the opening of national science and technology plans and projects,   and jointly building “the Belt and Road” science and technology parks and   technology transfer platforms, to continuously enhance the mutual trust in   innovation.

 An important task for the building of “the Belt   and Road” innovation community is to face the future to promote the   integration of science and technology innovation elements and jointly respond   to the new challenges faced by international science and technology   innovation. We will continue to uphold the principles and concepts of “Wide   Consultation, Common Development and Mutual Sharing”, build consensus on science   and technology innovation, construct platforms for innovation, enhance mutual   trust and exchanges, and continue to deepen the cooperation on science and   technology innovation under “the Belt and Road”. This sub-forum focuses on   the key areas and key issues in the science and technology innovation   cooperation among countries along “the Belt and Road”, exchanges views on “the   Belt and Road” science and technology policies and institutional innovation   measures of various countries, builds the “Belt and Road” Science and Technology   Innovation Policies Think Tank Network, and substantially deepens cooperation   and exchanges on science and technology innovation, committed to contributing   technological innovation to “the Belt and Road” for building a   well-established “Belt and Road” innovation community and promoting the   development of the new round of economic globalization.


HU Zhijian, President   of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development


Keynote Speech

Branislav Djordjevic, Director of Institute of International Politics and   Economics, Serbia

Manzoor Hussain Soomro, Chairman of ECOSF, Pakistan

WANG Yiwei, College   of International Relationship, Renmin University of China

Edna Pasher, Dean of Smart City Research Institute, Israel

CHEN Baoming, Deputy Director of Talent Exchange Center, Ministry of   Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China

CHANG Jiang, Vice President of Northwest University

LIU Hong, Dean   of Nanyang Graduate School of Public Administration, Nanyang Technological   University, Singapore

WANG Wen,   Chongyang Research Institute, Renmin University of China

WANG Delu,   Director of Greatwall Strategy Consultants

Kitipong Promwong, Director of the Office of Thailand Science and   Education Leading Group

YAN Lijin,   Chairman of China Silk Road Group

TANG Zhimin, Director of Center for China-ASEAN Studies,   Panyapiwat Institute of Management


Panel Discussion




Ceremony of The Belt and Road Science and Technology   Innovation Think Tank Network

Chair: LIU Dongmei, Vice President of Chinese   Academy of Science and Technology for Development


Conclusion Speech