Agenda—May 24 (Friday)

Science and Technology Innovation Roundtable Summit for Young Innovators (By Invitation) - Insight to the Future - N Fields Worthy of Most Attention


Science and Technology Innovation Roundtable Summit for Young Innovators

Insight to Future –N Fields Worthy of Most Attention

Organizers: Shanghai Consulting & Academic Activities Center for Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering;


Round Hall, 4F, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Forum Interpretation

    The practical application of science and technology will bring us marvelous breakthroughs with many ideas seeming crazy previously becoming realities gradually. The future will have been overturned before it comes. These fields we are concerned with not only contain the most advanced scientific and technological elements, but also relate closely with the fate and well-being of human beings and indicate the next direction of social progress. Hence,   understanding the problems to be solved in these fields will help us face the upcoming future era in a better posture. This summit will mainly invite young scientists and S&T entrepreneurs with global vision and influence, to share the achievements and thoughts in their fields, and discuss how to create more possibilities in the future through cross-field communications.


HE Jie,hostess of media center of Shanghai Media Group


Welcome Address


Keynote Speech

Jiaya JIA, Tenured Professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong; Distinguished Scientist at Tencent, Leader of YouTu Tencent X-Lab

CHEN Zhongwei, Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Waterloo; Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering; Vice President of The International Academy of Electrochemical Energy ScienceIAOEES

WAN Ruixue, Post Doctor of Tsinghua University; Member of “Women Scientists of the future” Project 2016; Winner of “Young Scientist Award” of 2018

Benjamin Tee, President's Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering Department, National University of Singapore

HUA Changchun, Dean of Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Yanshan University, Yangtze river scholar; Humboldt Scholar, Germany

SHEN Yuan, Vice President of Innovation Academy for Microsatellites of CAS; Deputy Commander of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

Jeffrey Erlich,Assistant Professor of Neural and Cognitive Sciences, NYU Shanghai

Evangelos Tatsis, Investigator and Group leader, CAS Centre for Excellence in Molecular Plant Science/Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology

DA Shengwei, Co-founder and CEO of Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd.

XIAO Fei, chairman of Rentian Group




Panel Discussion


WANG Yanfeng, Vice Dean of Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Dean of Suzhou Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Shanghai Jiaotong University

All the above honored guests and

ZHU Gaofeng, Academician of China Engineering   Academy, former vice president of China Engineering Academy, former minister   of Posts and Telecommunication

Nirav Shah, Senior Fellow of the Institute for   Healthcare Improvement, Senior Scholar at Stanford University’s Clinical   Excellence Research Center